Events Booked

The events I’ve booked myself into and the all important “Why?”.  This is so I can compare what I thought the event would be and when I eventually blog about the event and what it actually felt like. Everyone is different so my views are purely from my point of view.  Enjoy 😉

Events I’m booked into.

Date – Day – Distance k – Location – Event name – Booked? – Paid – Comments

13/11/16 Sunday 42.2k Steppingly Step marathon LDWA Yes £8.00 (71)

2017 Events planned

15/01/17 48k Winter Tanners YES (72) (booked)

12/02/17 48k Punchbowl (73) (booked)

05/03/17 Chiltern Kanter (74) (not booked yet)

14/04/17 Friday 42.2k Enigma Good Friday YES £36.00 (75)

15/04/17 Saturday 42.2k Cakeathon YES £40.00 (might not do marathon)

16/04/17 Sunday 42.2k Chocathon YES £39.50 (might not do marathon)

30/04/17 Oxon 40 (76) (not booked yet)

28/05/17 Hmmmmm

03/06/17 Farthingstone Foot Fest (78) (not booked yet)

18/06/17 Wales Trail Marathon (79) (not booked yet)

25/06/17 Herts Hobble (80) (not booked yet)

09/07/17 From Here to There and Back (81) (not booked yet)

18/07/17 Fairlands Valley Challenge (82) (not booked yet)

31/07/17 Saturday Lakeland50 YES £90.00 (83)

11/08/17 Salisbury 54321 ??

13/08/17 3 Forest Way Ultra 54m ??

27/08/17 St Peters Way in a Day 45m ??

06/09/17 Dunstable ??

10/09/17 Chiltern marathon ??

01/10/17 Heart of England ??

12/11/17 Shillington Shuffle 2017??

Dates might change.

Events I have completed.

Date – Day – Distance k – Location – Event name – Booked? – Paid – Comments

04/01/14 Saturday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Winter Double YES £28.00 Didn’t go – Got up late and bad weather DNS

25/01/14 Sat-Sun 0.0k Lakeland Fells Lakeland50  reccie YES £15.00 – 16 miles of dark muddy fun.

09/02/14 Sunday 48.0k Surrey LDWA Punchbowl Marathon YES £6.00 – 30 miles of sunshine, hills and muddy fun – 9hrs 19mins. (15)

22/02/14 Saturday 8k Nottingham LBAC Cross Country fixture YES – 5 miles of hilly, muddy fun – 48mins.  I ache!!

02/03/14 Sunday 21.1k Silverstone Silverstone Half Marathon YES £18.00 – A chilling, windy 3 laps of Silverstone in 2hrs 5mins.  A whole 4mins faster than last years attempt.

09/03/14 Sunday 21.1k Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Half Marathon YES £25.00 – Sunny & hot 2hrs 28mins.  Not my best time but I had a great time with Julia and Kelly.

23/03/14 Sunday 32.0k Bedford Oakley 20 YES £27.00 – Cold but sunny 3hrs 55mins of gentle hills around Bedfordshire.  Tough going but had loads in me to push for a fast pace at the last two miles.  

06/04/14 Sunday 42.2k Brighton Brighton Marathon YES £63.00 – Cold sea breeze 5hrs 30mins of cheering crowds and ocean views. (16)

13/04/14 Sunday 42.2k London Virgin London Marathon YES ? I won the Club Place! – 26.2 miles of cheering crowds of awesomeness completed in 5hrs 27mins.  An amazing experience! (17)

18/04/14 Friday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Good Friday Marathon YES £28.00 – A very good 4hrs 48mins of Caldecotte Lake. (18)

05/05/14 Monday 42.2k Milton Keynes Milton Keynes Marathon YES £36.00 – A lovely sunny 5hrs 28mins.  The new route was tough going in the first half. (19)

17/05/14 Saturday 80.0k North Downs North Downs Way 50 YES £75.00 – A hot fantastic 13hrs 29mins 15secs.  Got my money’s worth there! (20)

25/05/14 Sunday 42.2k Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon YES £40.00 – DNS – wrecked feet need a bit of heeling time.

01/06/14 Sunday 56.0k Northampton Northants Shires and Spires YES £39.00 – DNF – Still knackered from NDW50.  Never underestimate what your body has gone through!!

21/06/14 Saturday 42.2k Wales Wales Trail Marathon YES £30.00 – DNF – Well, I did the half marathon but I went there to do a marathon and my right knee decided it wasn’t to be.  Bum!!

28/06/14 Saturday 42.2k Dorset Giants Head Marathon – Sydling st nicholas YES £30.00 – Woohoo 7hrs 9mins of fluffy clouds and blue skies that should have been showers and hard work. (21)

05/07/14 Saturday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Summer Marathon YES £26.50 – 5hrs 22mins of wet laps of Caldecotte Lake.  Blergh but fun.  Haha! (22)

06/07/14 Sunday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Summer Marathon YES £26.50 – 5hrs 55mins that started out as painful but finished successfully.  Phew! Roll on Lakeland50. (23)

13/07/14 Sunday 42.2k Tenby The Wales Marathon YES £30.00 – DNS – Family time.  Sometimes Family Time is more important than running.

20/07/14 Sunday 42.2k Stevenage Fairlands Valley Challenge YES £15.00 – 7hrs 4mins in the very hot sunshine.  Heat exhaustion not to be repeated please. (24)

26/07/14 Saturday 80.0k Lakeland Fells Lakeland50  Lake District 2UTMB YES £72.00 – 21hrs 9mins of awesomeness!! Epic EPIC EPIC!!!!!! Flippin loved it. It was incredibly tough. Will I do it again?………….Hmmmmmmm (25)

10/08/14 Sunday 42.2k Salisbury Salisbury 54321 marathon YES £18.70 – DNS – After a two late nights out to a birthday party and a wedding reception waking up early was not going to happy.  Dang it!!

17/08/14 Sunday 42.2k Cheddar Gorge Cheddar Gorge Marathon YES £32.50 paypal 03.12.13 – DNF – I managed a 4 hour half marathon time.  I was still tired from Lakeland50 and the hills (fabulous tho they were) killed me!!

14/09/13 Sunday 42.2k Dunstable Dunstable Marathon Challenge YES £19.73 – 7hrs 3mins of lovely blue skies and lovely company. (26)

20/09/14 Saturday 42.2k Wycombe Beauty & The Beast YES £37.00 – DNF – This event is truly a beast with some beautiful views.  Wellies for next year lol!

28/09/13 Sunday 42.2k Nottingham Nottingham Marathon YES £36.00 – DNS – Migraine? Low iron? More rest? Who knows!!

05/10/14 Sunday 42.2k Chester Chester Marathon YES £42.00 – 4 hours 46 minutes – Where did that come from?  Had a fabulous time, book again next year.  (27)

18/10/14 Saturday 51.2k Leighton Buzzard Leighton Ultra £FREE – 7 hours 58 minutes – Needs some work before I can make this an official event but it’s a wonderfully challenging route!

26/10/14 Sunday 48.2k Bishops Stortford Stort 30 YES £33.00 – 6 hours 18 minutes – I’ll take that with a big grin thank you very much. (28)

02/11/14 Sunday 42.2k Stevenage Stevenage Marathon YES £27.00 – 5 hours 8 minutes – Wasn’t feeling great and took it easy.  Easy!!! 5k Lunchtime runs are a must from now on!! (29)

16/11/14 Sunday 42.2k Barton Le Clay BB&N Shillington Shuffle YES £17.00  – 7 hours and 17 minutes – Had an amazing time with Claire and Emma.  So much fog, mud and rain.  Brilliant fun!! (30)

13/12/14 Saturday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Buff Xmass Marathon YES £32.00 – 5 hours 2 minutes of freezing lake temperatures and slippy bridges Brrrrrrrr (31)

31/12/14 Wednesday 42.2k Braintree Flitchway Marahthon YES £25.00 – 5 hours 4 minutes of scenic unused rail line and a killer finish hill!! (32)

11/01/15 Sunday 48.2k Surrey Winter Tanners YES £4.00 – 9 hours 42 minutes of getting lost, getting lost, getting lost and……getting lost. Tough but fun day. (33)

08/02/15 Sunday 48.2k Surrey Punchbowl Marathon YES £10.00 7 hours 56 minutes of fun/fun/more fun/route reading/mud/fun.  A whole hour faster than last year! (34)

08/03/15 Sunday 42.2k Chiltern Hills Chiltern Kanter YES £8.00 6 hours 59 minutes of mud/hills/fun.  Below 7 hours for an LDWA event.  Awesome!! (35)

15/03/15 Sunday 42.2k Salisbury Larmer Tree Marathon YES £32.00 5 hours 37 minutes – where did that come from?  Did not expect to be that lively or fresh throughout this one.  Mud/hills/fun as usual  (36)

04/04/15 Saturday xx Volunteering Centurion South Downs Way 50 – Who knew taking down runner numbers could be so enthralling that I didn’t realise I’d been sat for over an hour getting extremely cold!! LOVED IT!!

06/04/15 Monday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Strikes Back YES £32.25 – Nope.  DNS.  To knackered/ill to run 😦

12/04/15 Sunday 42.2k Paris(France) Paris Marathon YES €99 – 5 hours and 41 minutes.  loved the 5k breakfast run.  Ran at the back of the pack for the marathon and enjoyed the sights and smells of Paris. (37)

09/05/15 Saturday 64.4k Overton Ridgeway 40 YES £19.00 – No.  Another DNS which is starting to bug me!!

03/05/15 Saturday xx Volunteering Centurion Thames Path 100 – Marking 13 miles of the course, duties at an aid station then midnight running with Kate from 78 miles to the finish.  What a weekend!!

24/05/15 Sunday 42.2k Dorset The Ox Marathon YES £30.00 – Change to the ultra to help sweep and timed myself out.  Lessons learnt and fun definitely had.  Will be back for this one!!

30/05/15 Saturday 42.2k Kent Roadrunner Marathon YES £38.00 – 5 hours 28 mins of laps, laps, laps, laps, laps, laps, laps, laps, laps, laps…….. (38)

06/06/15 Saturday 42.2k Farthingstone Foot Fest YES £15.00 – 8 hours 17 mins of hilarious frolicking around hilly fields.  Leighton Fun Running at its best! (39)

20/06/15 Saturday 42.2k Wales Trail Marathon Wales YES £35.00 – 6 hours 33 mins of hills, rocks and midges.  Brutal but fun! (40)

27/06/15 Saturday 42.2k Dorset Giants Head Marathon YES 32.00 – 6 hours 37 mins of being baked in the Dorset countryside.  I’ll be back for more please (41)

05/07/15 Sunday 43.5k Wellingborough From Here to There and Back YES £7.00 – 8 hours 2 mins of long hills, craggy fields and a run around a reservoir (42)

12/07/15 Sunday 10k London British London 10k – yeah I know it’s not a marathon or ultra but it’s running with a friend. 59mins 39seconds – below 1 hour target achieved!

19/07/15 Sunday 50k Stevenage Fairlands Valley Challenge YES £18.50 – 8 hours 33mins where I tried to race the first 10 miles to catch up with LFR’s doing the marathon distance. Fun! (43)

25/07/15 Saturday xx Volunteering Lakeland 100/50 – SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I am hooked on this event.  Hooked!!

01/08/15 Saturday 42.2k Hampshire Midnight Marathon YES £28.00 – 8 hours 30mins which included a superman attempt (ouch).  Badgers and creepy woods/fields.  (44)

09/08/15 Sunday 50k Salisbury Salisbury 54321 YES £20.00 – 7 hours 29mins.  Did the ultra this time and its worth the extra mileage and the run around the castle.  (45)

30/08/15 Sunday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Shaken not Stirred YES £33.00 – 5 hours 6mins.  Where did that come from? Running laps whilst listening to Monty Python was lonely but good fun.  (46)

13/09/15 – Sunday 42.2k Dunstable Marathon Challenge YES £21.85 – 6 hours 8mins of painful insides from mile 10.  Was actually a bruised diaphragm! Sheesh! Still good fun though.  (47)

23/09/15 – Wednesday 42.2k Dover The Tolkien Run YES £35.00 – Dressed as Galadriel with no opportunity to change into ANY running kit!! 6hrs 1min of the lady in white in front of the Dover cliffs (48)

26/09/15 – Saturday 42.2k Costwold Challenge LDWA YES £7.20 – Beautifully hilly, sunny, muddy tough but brilliantly fun day.  7hrs 39mins (49)

26/09/15 Saturday 161.0k St Oswald St Oswald’s Ultra YES £85.00 – The ULTRA DNS!!! Grrrr.

03/10/15 Saturday 42.2k Warwick Heart of England Challenge LDWA YES £15.00 – met some fun runners with sandwich and tea at 10 miles YUM.  6hrs 8mins plus a tree got planted! (50) HALFWAY!!

10/10/15 Saturday 45k Guildford 9bar9x9 Marathon YES £38.00 – Tougher than it looks.  I’ll be back to try this one again.  LOVED it, great organisation.

21/10/15 Wednesday 42.2k Back to the Future marathon YES £30.00 (51) The only getting lost was getting to the start!! Rain/no rain/rain run day, didn’t have much company but it was a good day.  Still not keen on laps tho!!

24/10/15 Saturday 42.2k Wales Snowdonia Marathon YES £30.00 (52) 3 hills I was told.  3.  I ran/walked 2 of those hills and was too knackered to run/walk the last one.  The downhill to the finish?  WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

07/11/15 Saturday 42.2k Milton Keynes Enigma Firework Marathon YES £38.00 (53) Ran my little legs off to get a PB 4hours 43mins!  Terrified of an aeroplane flight on Monday spurred me on!

15/11/15 Sunday 42.2k Barton Le Clay BB&N Triple Challenge Sundon Saunter YES £20.00 (54) – Mud, fun, mud, fun, mud – oops!! Forgot to bring headtorches!! D’oh!! FUN!!

29/11/15 Sunday 50k Gatliff marathon LDWA YES £7.00 (55) – Slippy mud, sticky mud, high heel mud, mud hiding deep puddles, sliding down hills and swan lake in the middle of a slippy mud field!  Plus – “Many Steps” Yup.  I had fun!!

20/12/15 Sunday 42.2k Portsmouth Coastal marathon YES (56) – wind/rain/mud/rain/wind/blow dried home!! I was on a roll!

28/12/15 Monday 42.2k Thames Path Phoenix Year End marathon YES £28.00 – No 😦  Too knackered from running every day in December.

31/12/15 Thursday 42.2k Braintree Flitchway Marathon YES £36.00 – No! Got to the halfway point just a little too late.  Better luck next time!!

10/01/16 Sunday 50k Winter Tanners YES £6.00 (57) – Oh that was muddy wonderful fun!! 8hrs 58mins – goodness me there was soooo much mud!!

14/02/16 Sunday 50k Punchbowl YES £6.00 (58) – Still a good one to complete and loved every minute of it all over again even though it was a struggle.  9hrs 2mins

04/06/16 Saturday 42.2k Farthingstone Foot Fest YES £16.50 (59) – Walked most of it, loved it all over again, even with all of those stiles!! 8hrs 25mins

25/06/16 Saturday 42.2k Giants Head marathon YES £33.50 (60) – Hilly, just hilly!! Ouchy hilly!! 7hrs 15mins

03/07/16 Sunday 42.2k From Here to There YES £8.00 (61) – Still like this one, it’s a local one and worth doing every year.  7hrs 20mins

10/07/16 Sunday 42.2k North Downs Way Marathon YES £36.00 (62) – WOW!! I remember those hills, they’re still big and tough but I did it!! 6hrs 34mins

16/07/16 Saturday 42.2k Dorset Invader YES £33.50 (63) – Romans, hills, countryside! It was a fabulous day out in Dorset! 6hrs 51mins

30/07/16 Saturday 80.5k Lakeland 50 YES £## (64) – DID IT!! Finished angry?!?!?! Feeling really good about it now.  20hrs 39mins

14/08/16 Saturday 42.2k Salisbury 54321 YES £20.00 (65) – Fabulous 100 marathon club get together for Carolyn’s 100th marathon celebration.  7hrs 3mins.

20/08/16 Saturday 42.2k Bad Cow Marafun YES £33.50 (66) – It was all going so well until mile 20 then horrible cramp for 2 miles.  No day 2.  5hrs 55mins

04/09/16 Sunday 42.2k Dunstable Marathon Challenge YES £23.00 (67) – Those hills are no smaller each time I try to get faster on this course!! 6hrs 10mins

11/09/16 Sunday 42.2k Thetford Iceni Marathon YES £25.00 (68) – Lovely bimble around Thetford with friends. 7hrs 3mins

18/09/16 Sunday 42.2k The Ponton Plod YES £14.00 (69) – The organisers managed to find some hills in Lincolnshire and it was beautifully tough.  7hrs 18mins

23/10/16 Saturday 42.2k Snowdonia Marathon YES £35.00 (70) – Dreaded the thought of this race, pushed through a lot of pain, 45min course record!! WOW! 5hrs 40mins


    • Lol, okay. When I get a chance I’ll go back and change then all 😉
      Most of them are more than 26.2 miles by the time I’ve finished them anyway. Salisbury 54321 is 27 miles lol!

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