The trials and trails of Helen as a running blog.

I rediscovered running just before I became 40.  Why?  The slap in the face to get fit happened when my daughter thought a game of tag would be fun.  So did I.  Oh how wrong I was.  A 9 year old girl was running rings around me like I was an immovable blob!

Why was it such a shock?  I was a very fit teenager – running, swimming, cycling it was all fun and easy back then.  How had I become so slow?  Kids can’t be that fast! Can they?

So that was it.  I started with 5k, improved to 10k and attempted a half marathon which set me right back to the beginning and running 5k as if I’d not trained at all.  That was a tough set back.  But it didn’t stop me.  I took things easier this time and I knew better.  I experimented with nutrition and found what worked and what didn’t work.  In 2013 I ran my first marathon at the age of 42 and a couple weeks after that I ran my first ultra of 50 miles.  I’ve never felt so strong, happy and in love.

Oh – I can now catch my daughter at tag.  She’s still working on trying to catch me now.

I hope you enjoy the musings of a young 40 year old trying to keep fit whilst juggling life. Should be easy, shouldnt it? Well, is it?

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