I should be upset but all I’m thinking is how utterly ridiculous this is.  I had planned to run a marathon on New Years eve.  I had been suffering from a mild but odd pain in my side from Christmas eve but didn’t think anything of it.  I get to 7 miles into the marathon and I’m struggling to even walk!  The pain was intense.  After I got home I thought this was a “clothing too tight” injury and a bit of rest at home would be perfect.  Rest didn’t help!  Not one bit!

 Google hip pain and there’s so many muscles and ligaments to choose from.  How the hell do legs even stay on!! As far as the internet is concerned – I’ve fallen on my hip, walked into a high desk, been in a car crash, fallen off a bike, fallen down stairs or fell out of bed onto my hip!  Bizarrely none of the causes mention running or cycling which are the main things that I have been up to!  

 The nearest image that shows exactly where the pain is this one.  The iliac crest.  An amazing piece of kit that hooks your hips up to your back and keeps your legs on.  It can give you back pain, hip pain, butt pain, groin pain and more. 

 iliac crest pain

Image source –

I book some time with a really good local physiotherapist and after some acupuncture and manipulation I’m starting to feel like I can walk properly.  I have some exercises to do and usually this is all I need to get back to running.  Not this time.  This time the main pain from the iliac crest had gone and moved elsewhere. 

After a week of still not getting anywhere near pain free for running and steps are getting increasingly difficult to manage, I now get a different pain.  This time if feels like someone has a hot poker pushing into the top of my thigh.  Nothing alleviates the pain so its back to the physio to fix the conundrum pain. 

Plus google gave me this image – so many muscles overlapping tendons! All of those fibres attached to bone.  It’s an impressive design but seriously – WHY do so many tendons/muscles sit in that one place that hurts so much!! OUCH!!

 trochanteric bursitis

Image source –

I get another acupuncture session at the physio but this time I see the acupuncture needles going into my thigh are long.  Not a little bit long, llllllooooonnnnnggggg!!! It still amazes me that the needle can go in so far and then it’s twisted giving me a feeling of individual muscles being activated.  

For those of you that don’t know what an acupuncture needle looks like – this is a lovely example showing exactly how tiny they are as well.  No wonder medical syringes HURT!!! Ouch! 

acupuncture needle

After that session at the physio the pain in the top of my thigh is feeling much less intense.  Some stretches to do and I’m back to trying to get up stairs with less pain.  It’s better – the stairs feel easier to begin with.  I have another physio appointment and this time the pain is quite literally a pain in my butt!! This is now hilarious and utterly ridiculous! It hurts so much but I can’t stop laughing at the fact that I have a pain in my arse HAHAHA!!!  

As with all the other pictures in this post – here’s one of all those glute muscles that are uniquely human!  Or should I say upright ape!  These muscles keep your jeans up and most importantly push you forward when you walk. 


Image source –

Another visit to the physio, more LONG acupuncture needles and a few more muscle/tendons relaxed into doing their job properly rather than complaining. 

It has been a very interesting injury that I have no idea how or what I did to become injured!! This bizarre injury has provided a lot of amusement whilst trying to ascend stairs!  Obviously I would have preferred not to be injured and unable to run!! I have kept myself amused with walking – when I can – and started swimming. 

This odd injury may take a few more visits to the physio to figure out.  I mean!! LOOK at the amount of equipment in that one area alone!! I’m hoping I’ll be okay before the middle of February for Punchbowl. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to since Christmas.  Looking at pictures of butts on Google! Haha!!

For anyone else that’s injured and patiently waiting to run – I hope it’s not a pain in the arse like mine!!

I’m not even going to google what acupuncture could do for headaches……oh wait….I found this….NOPE!! Not going to happen!!



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  1. I am so bored of my current injury – I’ve spent my whole life running and cycling with no real problems, joined LFR on a whim, started to up my pace – and found that running with like-minded people I could run faster than I could ever have imagined – I started to make some real gains, planned a couple of running goals for this year (one of which I had always fixated on but never thought possible – and 25 years after I’d first thought about it); and then suddenly in the county cx champs – boom! I tore my knee and couldn’t walk properly.
    So I’ve also been seeing (a different?) really good local physio – and she’s worked wonders, and now nearly a month later I can run (a bit), although two minutes a mile slower than before, but I’ve lost my nerve – I keep waiting for the knee to give way and so can’t put any real force through the leg. I don’t know how long this’ll take to get better – I’m hoping really that’ll it’ll get better and I’ll forget about the injury without really noticing, but I’m not loving this trying to be patient… On the bright side, I’ve always avoided swimming, but force myself to go 5 times a week now!

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