Training Plan – What Training Plan

Another week of running, another week of being thoroughly knackered from sitting at a desk all day, another week of trying to figure out when I can fit in getting fit and getting frustrated with my sheer lack of organisational skills and will power to get out of my duvet tomb in the mornings!

My lovely coach sets me a very lovely training plan.  What do I do this week?  I trash it!  Yup, I’ve thoroughly trashed it in favour of running with the club and running with friends.  Okay, so I didn’t trash all of it, I have been doing some of the training plan as well as running other runs on days I should be resting.  I’m honest at least!  All this “extra” outdoor time and the lovely weather this week has brought back my running mojo!  I just couldn’t help myself, running this week was fun!

The battle of the duvet tomb is still very much a thing each morning.  It’s sooooo cosy.  The willpower to drag my lazy bones out of that tomb of lovely warmth and snugglyness is crazy.  Well, the times I do make it out of the duvet tomb to go for a run or spend some time on the turbo trainer I do feel a lot better throughout the day.  I’m not even sure how that works but it does.  That feeling alone does push me out of bed but there’s still loads of times the duvet tomb wins. 

Then there’s the mental exhaustion from sitting down all day solving a whole load of problems leaving me utterly exhausted.  How the hell can dragging my lazy arse out into the cold dark nights make me feel any less tired?  The times I get my kit on and get out of the door in the evening I come back home buzzing and feeling properly exhausted not just mentally exhausted.  There’s a very big difference apparently.  Feeling mentally exhausted makes me want to veg out on the couch and not move leaving me frustrated that I’m so tired all the time.  Feeling physically exhausted is a very different feeling and chilling out after a good workout does not have the same frustrated feeling and I get a much better night’s sleep. 

Along with the running training I’m also working on strength training and then all that work to keep those poor overused muscles in tip top shape.  It’s been a lot of hard work and this weekend I got reminded by my family that I’m a lot stronger than I realise. 

After a 10 mile “fun” run around a pretty tough hilly route I got home to the family who wanted to go out themselves on this lovely weekend sunny day.  Walk in the woods, walk along the canal or a bike ride.  Unanimous decision for the bike ride.  Okay.  What route would you like to do?  There’s a few routes that I go on so I picked the quietest but most scenic with a shortcut possible after 3 miles.  A few hiccups with traffic/paths and walking to get out of town and then the cycling began.  I found the whole thing super easy, the rest of the family were wondering what I was made of!!!  Zoom I go up a hill, the family struggling to get up the hill themselves.  Oops!  My “easy” route was easy for me but I’m not the same person I was 4 years ago.  I’m much stronger.  I just need to remind myself of that the next time I suggest something “easy” to do for my family. 

I hope you’ve all had as much fun as I have this week. I’m now going to find my torture devices Mr roller stick and Mrs spikey ball and use them to massage my legs and feet back into shape.  I’ve got to keep this “terminator” machine going somehow!! Haha!

Enjoy 😊

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