Still Running – Training Smarter

It’s been a while, mostly due to a job change and the different type of training I have now. I’ve been thoroughly occupied with precious “slob time” at a minimum. I miss my slob time! You know – slob time. That time where you’ve worked hard and you just want a rest. Some time to let your brain switch off to the world and relax. For those who’ve never suffered with insomnia that slob time would be sleep. My slob time is TV time on the sofa with Penny snuggled up beside me keeping me warm. Letting my brain switch gears until I know I can go to bed and sleep. I’m now so knackered from learning a multitude of new processes and functions that my brain is happily switching off without the need for “slob time” because I’m sleeping very soundly lately!!

Training is going well. I have a new running partner, my ever faithful assistant Penny the Superhound. She has been making sure I run just a little bit faster every time we go out. My 5k times are now regularly below 30 minutes and are becoming easier which I never thought would be possible. That’s without Penny Assist!! She has made the regular run a fun thing. Sure it’s broken up with meeting other dogs, pee breaks, tree/lamppost sniffing duties and then making sure those pesky squirrels keep to their trees!! I’m learning to run fast, almost fly, along tricky/gnarly trail paths. It’s not an easily acquired skill but with a superhound pulling me along at breakneck speed I’ve had to learn to stay upright or learn to eat dirt on a regular basis. Personally I’m not keen on dirt and my knees don’t need the extra battering!

Strength and glutes training is paying off, my posture is much better over long distance and my back is loving all of it. I’m feeling a bit stronger on the hills, a bit! I can feel I’m pushing myself up the hill from a different muscle group entirely which is making the hill easier.

I’ve also gone back to basics and reduced the amount of marathon+ distances I used to do at the weekends.

With all this reduced running big distances malarkey and more varied training – am I happier/stronger/healthier?

Happier – yes. The marathon+ distances were becoming stressful encounters that pushed my unsociable self into more and more situations that were becoming panic attack territory. Yes they were fun and challenging but with work becoming very full on and technically tiring I’m just not mentally strong enough to cope with those situations. I was finding myself people watching and avoiding contact. Odd when you notice yourself doing that!

Stronger – most definitely! The strength training is targeting my weak spots. This in turn is helping me keep my form when I’m on longer runs which means I run for longer with better running form. How is this missed for new runners? Upper body strength, glutes strength and most important – THE CORE!! All these key muscle groups forgotten until you start to become injured due to overuse and lack of key muscle strength! It’s been educational.

Healthier – Hmmmm. I’m not the healthiest person, I don’t have a healthy diet and my addiction to processed sugars is very concerning. The running helps to keep the effects of this addiction under some control but as anyone who is addicted to processed sugars knows. Until I get control of this addiction my weight will continue to be above what is considered “normal”. I’ll get the hang of it some day.

With all this new stuff going on along with my reservation to share my personal thoughts on blogs I’ve just left the blog to slowly sit there and whither. I’ve not gone anywhere special or done anything super amazing. I’m still living life, trying to be better than I was yesterday whilst I get older tomorrow.

Enjoy 😊

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  1. Another great blog Helen, always enjoy reading and hearing your thoughts and experiences. You’re coming along so well with your speed, over short and the long distances. The important thing is that you keep enjoying what you are doing! Happy running! xx

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