More of the Same – I’m in Training Mode

Run, repeat, get bored, run, repeat, what’s the point, run, repeat, is this going somewhere? Is it me or does winter training feel like a washing machine cycle stuck on “watch paint dry” mode? There’s times when I’m wondering – Where is all this training is heading?

It’s been an interesting few weeks of pure running training but as with all things me I got a little bored.  Even though coach is giving me a different training session each time, which is fun (whispers – thank you), I wanted to add back in some cross training that I started last year.

Starting middle of last week I added back in my early morning Turbo Session.  Who would have thought an early morning cycle on a turbo trainer would wake you up for the rest of the day to make running in the evening easier!! After a few weeks of not getting up early it’s been a shock to the system, but I’m getting there…….slowly!!

I’ve also started some strength training – now this is the really interesting bit.  I’ve only been at the strength training for a couple weeks but I’ve already noticed a difference in the way I carry myself.  It may be completely all in my head but I FEEL a bit more tuned up!  Only a bit!  I’m very keen to do more but also not overdo it.  Who knew?  Well obviously loads of really fit people who’ve been doing this kind of thing knew but I didn’t know.  So now you all know!! Woohoo….knowledge is power!

Then there’s running with young Penny the super hound! She’s only allowed on shorter runs and no speed session run either……yet!!  Oh the face I get when I’m all dressed for a run and don’t take her.  WHY!!!!!! WHY did you leave me BEHIND!!!! WHY!!!!!!!! Oh the cuddles I get when I do take her running with me, hahaha!!


Back to winter training……more of the same……getting stronger……Oh yes!!

Enjoy 🙂


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