Motivation – That Tricky Necessary Thing!

Seeing as January was the most lazy month I’ve had in a lllooooonnnngggggg time I’m going to attempt a Monthly challenge for the rest of the year – rules I hear peeps say!! Because everyone likes a challenge with rules!!!
1 – The challenge MUST be physical. No “I’m not going to eat xyz crap” nonsense. I like my crap far too much!! Weights, rowing, swimming, running, cycling, riding, pole dancing, zumba(ing), planking…. Physical!!
2 – It must be a different challenge each month. No duplications within the confines of the year! So if your challenge is to run 10k then you’re not allowed to repeat that challenge until next year!
3 – No whining about not being able to complete your challenge. It’s a month!! Pick a challenge that’s achievable in that month and just do it! Unless you’ve broken yourself then whining is completely acceptable! We’re here for you!
4 – Facebook/twitter/Instagram the hell out of your challenge. Bizarrely this will be the most difficult because you’re showing off and nobody likes a show off. WRONG!! Loads of peeps lack that burning desire to just get out there and be physical. Sharing your efforts on social media about getting out there and just doing physical stuff can be massively inspiring.
So…. Who’s up for a monthly challenge?


  1. I’m with you on loving crap too much to give up eating it! πŸ˜‰ I’m so tempted to join you with your challenge – sounds like a great idea! I’m terrible with these challenges though and feel like I’d break the whining rule way too quickly! πŸ˜‰

    • I’m trying my hardest not to whine early myself hahahaha!! I just thought, there’s all these change or diet this, that and the other. Why not a relatively simple but changeable challenge. Only because I get distracted or bored to easily lol!

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