Run Every Day December 2015 – Physical or Mental Battle?

It’s a month in the making. Contains so many numbers about running.  Shows the battle I’ve faced to try to keep this thing going.  Below are my daily posts to either Run Every Day December (RED) or Marcothon.  Both are attempts at running every day in December.  The rules?  Well – run every day in December….. obviously!! Run the minimum of 25 minutes or 5k (3.2 miles).  Whichever comes first! That’s it.  Sounds soooooo simple!!  There’s even one guy out there who’s running a marathon every day in December!  Gulp!

Just a note – I’m not sharing this because I want to impress you. I’m sharing this to hopefully show that taking one step at a time, something amazing can happen.  It’s tough.  It’s mentally NUTS.  Though, somehow, I’ve managed to run for 1,96.8 miles, over 325 hours 1 minute and burnt 170,819 calories this month!  Loads of people in the RED and Marcothon groups dropped out due to illness and injuries but they all TRIED!!  Plus, at a point where I really wanted to quit, Spacebook showed it’s positive side and got me motivated to run the minimum on day 21.  My lowest point!!

Plus – I thought this year was tough. My legs have been tired on many occasions and I’ve been tough on myself thinking I’m not putting in enough training.  Looking at each individual day I couldn’t see what I’ve accomplished.  I was too close to the training/running/planning/plotting to see what I’ve achieved.

2011 I ran 217 miles – 3 months of 30+ miles.

2012 I ran 478.9 miles – 3 months of 60+ miles.

2013 I ran 1069.8 miles – 6 months of 100+ miles.

2014 I ran 1309.4 miles – 8 months of 100+ miles.

2015 I ran 1496.8 miles – 1 month of less than 100+ miles a month!!

No wonder my legs have been feeling tired!!! I’m a little faster than I was last year but what is more noticeable is that I can rock up for a 5k with little thought for the distance. That in itself should show me that I’ve put in some effort towards improving myself.  Here’s hoping 10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles become just as easy with the effort I’m going to put in next year.


Day 1

Day 1 – Run every day December!!!!!

Tough going


Distance 3.29 miles

Time 31:54

Pace 9:43mm

Calories 433

Run 2 – less tough than this afternoons run and quite fast for me. Not the way to start run every day December hahahaha!!!


Distance 3.11 miles

Time 27:38

Pace 8:53mm

Calories 402


Day 2

Day 2 – Run every day December. Legs are tired so took it easy…….. To begin with then changed my route and ran some hills. Shivering at the start, toasty warm after 15 mins. Sticking to 1 layer of clothing for running for as long as I can this month!!


Distance 3.37 miles

Time 33:25

Pace 9:55mm

Calories 441


Day 3

Day 3 run every day December. It would have been so easy to just stay indoors and snuggle up with a cup of tea. So easy!!


Distance 3.85 miles

Time 39:41

Pace 10:18mm

Calories 469


Day 4

Run Every Day December – day 4 – 3.6 miles done, 17.22 miles so far. Surprised I was faster today but didn’t push myself at all. I can relax this evening now, phew!!


Distance 3.6 miles

Time 35:03

Pace 9:44mm

Calories 464


Day 5

RED December day 5 – still in the game. Phew!!


Distance 7.18 miles

Time 1:16:33

Pace 10:39mm

Calories 853


Day 6

Day 6 Run Every Day December. Legs felt like concrete but still managed a good pace.


Distance 6.68 miles

Time 1:08:58

Pace 10:20mm

Calories 776


Day 7

RED December Day 7 – full on, all out, lung screaming, sweat inducing lunchtime run. Well why not?


Distance 3.28 miles

Time 29:25

Pace 8:57mm

Calories 419


Day 8

3.2 lunchtime easy miles done. Still in the game. Well done everyone who’s still going and keep up the positive and not so positive posts. It’s tough to keep going out day after day but just think of all those festive pounds you’re not adding this month wink emoticon


Distance 3.27 miles

Time 32:56

Pace 10:04mm

Calories 425


Day 9

Day 9

3.4 miles

32 minutes 37 seconds

Hip pain and shin pain are being managed, not getting any worse so all’s good.

Why does this feel like a shipwreck diary?

What will happen on day 10?

Will I start talking to a random volleyball?

Will I call it Wilson?

Will Wilson start running with me?

I need to run with someone…….


Distance 3.49 miles

Time 32:38

Pace 9:22mm

Calories 450



Day 10

Day 10

3.2 miles shuffled

37 minutes 18 seconds counted

Did NOT want to run today.

Got my kit on then decided thought why not! As long as I’m dressed for the part, might as well!

Cold 1 – Helen 1

Wilson the Volleyball chickened out. He said it was too cold.


Distance 3.27 miles

Time 37:42

Pace 11:31mm

Calories 415



Day 11

Day 11

3.5 miles bimbled

38 minutes 24 seconds counted

Various path dips, puddles, stones kicked/tripped/bashed – that’s what I get for running half blind in the dark!!

Wilson the volley ball tried to talk my out of running but he just doesn’t understand. He’s holding me back!!

Keep going everyone. Nearly halfway!!


Distance 3.55 miles

Time 38:25

Pace 10:49mm

Calories 449



Day 12

Day 12 of the Marcothon challenge

7.16 miles run/shuffled/bimbled

1 hour, 19 minutes, 41 seconds counted

After finding out Wilson had managed to get to Singapore with Carol Goodwin he came home and rested up Whilst I went out for a run. I gave him the night off due to all the traveling. I wonder where he’ll get to next just to get a day off from running???

Keep up the good work peeps, you’re all amazing smile emoticon even the ones not taking part anymore.


Distance 7.16 miles

Time 1:19:42

Pace 11:08mm

Calories 918



Day 13

Day 13

45 minutes 26 seconds huffed and puffed and coughed

4.26 miles traveled – running! I was running!!

Wanted to run further but with sinuses and throat feeling a tad rough I took it very easy. This cold has two more days then it’s out!! Out I tell ya!! Wilson did try to get out today but ended up playing with the dogs. He’s recovering in a warm bath. Hopefully the bruising will clear up by tomorrow. Those dogs play rough with balls!!

Keep on chipping away at those miles wink emoticon well done everyone


Distance 4.26 miles

Time 45:27

Pace 10:40mm

Calories 554



Day 14

Day 14 – nearly at the half way point, so close!! Will big brother get involved at some point and start chucking people out of the Marcothon household? Who knows!

4.25 miles travel at speed (ish)

44 minutes 20 seconds on the same route as yesterday. Faster today, yay!!

Wilson stayed in the warmth and had a cup of tea waiting for me. Gotta love Wilson


Distance 4.25 miles

Time 44:20

Pace 10:26mm

Calories 542



Day 15

Day 15 – went for a run with the club. Decided to add on some bonus miles because? Well, because I’m starting to strangely enjoy this daily gentle run thing. Yeah, you read right. Feel free to quote this to me on day 31 when I’m howling about my feet turning into bloody stumps!!!!

Miles traveled – 5.08

Time counted – 1 hour 1 minute 22 seconds.

Wilson? Who’s Wilson??


Distance 5.08 miles

Time 1:01:22

Pace 12:05mm

Calories 613



Day 16

Day 16 – legs DID NOT want to go outside today. Hip felt awful. Body felt meh!! Glad I did though. Feeling much better for it!

4.08 miles traveled

44 minutes 15 seconds counted

Roll on tomorrow


Distance 4.08 miles

Time 44:15

Pace 10:51mm

Calories 480



Day 17

Day 17 completed. Feeling so much better. The cold is finally lifting.

4.22 + 0.9 miles traveled.

Felt so good and then had a coughing fit. Hopefully the last. Well done to everyone who’s still going. This running every day thing is pretty darn tough. Well done!!

19:20 & 19:33

Distance 0.95 & 4.22 miles

Time 8:51 & 46:43

Pace 9:17mm & 11:04mm

Calories 115 & 543



Day 18

Day 18 – Taking the dog to the vets via the long route there and back!!

1.35 + 1.75 miles

Took it nice n easy.

Nice ready run planned for tomorrow before a marathon on Sunday woohoo!!

18:10 & 18:43

Distance 1.75 & 1.35 miles

Time 19:11 & 17:03

Pace 11:00mm & 12:38mm

Calories 218 & 151



Day 19

Day 19 – feeling like April out there!?!?!

3.49 miles run

34 minutes 1 second counted.

Wasn’t intending to run that fast. Just felt good to run today. Yeah, it felt good!!

Giving the legs and feet their daily massage reward

11:05 & 19:08

Distance 3.49 & 1.58 miles

Time 34:02 & 22:32

Pace 9:45mm & 14:13mm

Calories 448 & 168



Day 20

Day 20 – Portsmouth coastal marathon.

Knackered!! Drenched!! Blow dried!! Mud! Tarmac! Beach! Mud, mud, mud and more mud!!

Met loads of familiar faces and loved/hated today.

Hope everyone else has had a fabulous day. 11 days left. And this is the longest running streak for me EVER!!

Also – I’ve never lost weight running until this month. I’ve lost 2kg this month!! Blimey!!


Distance 26.67 miles

Time 5:15:35

Pace 11:50mm

Calories 3213



Day 21

I’m out. Gracefully pulling out. I’m impressed I got this far. But after yesterday’s marathon I’m all out of running mojo. Hopefully a day of rest will be enough. Keep going you lot. Massive respect for all of us. Those who have started and those who have pulled out. You’re all awesome!!

Last minute. Com. Still in. Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

Flump – still in.

G-night zzzzzzzzzz

Okay. I’m not usually one to be pushed into carrying on. In fact I would more than happily dig my heels in and say NO!!

However!! This will not be a trend. I got my jiggly arse out that door, last minute, and did it. So there!! I’m going to bed now….. After a quick shower!


Distance 1.87 miles

Time 25:16

Pace 13:33mm

Calories 170


Day 22

Day 22 – after yesterday’s in/out/in/out/in emotional rollercoaster and managing to stay in the game (just!!). Here’s day 22 running/walking/quiz question. Just under 3 miles that took nearly an hour!!

Well done everyone and huge thank you for the supportive messages yesterday.


Distance 2.99 miles

Time 58:47

Pace 19:38mm

Calories 271



Day 23

Day 23 – bit late on posting. The run was done this afternoon. Technology and love life got in the way of posting earlier teehee!! So an adventurous 4.37 slow miles chatting and getting lost in Newport Pagnell. It was great fun. Roll on tomorrow and hopefully my legs will be a bit more recovered!! Keep up the good work guys n gals


Distance 4.37 miles

Time 52:39

Pace 12:03mm

Calories 517


Day 24

Day 24 – 6.42 miles – 1hr 8mins.

Felt easy today. I wasn’t fast but it felt easy!! How are my legs NOT dropping off or feeling like broken glass!!

I’m massaging EVERY DAY!!! I’m doing all my extra exercises to make sure there’s no tight spots. It doesn’t feel real. Bonkers!!! Merry Christmas everyone. Well done to all who are still going and tried. Have a fabulous day tomorrow


Distance 6.42 miles

Time 1:08:37

Pace 10:41mm

Calories 840


Day 25

Day 25 – felt like I had concrete legs and glass knees.

3.51 miles

38 minutes 2 seconds.

I’m of for a shower and a cuppa tea.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous Christmas day. Even though my run was a bit, well, ugly!! I’ve had a fab day.


Distance 3.51 miles

Time 38:03

Pace 10:51mm

Calories 425


Day 26

Day 26 – had some extra time today. Usually at a friends for boxing day dinner. So decided to do a duathlon. On the turbo trainer with my new tablet bracket to watch Netflix.

10.7 miles cycled

45 mins 2 seconds counted.

Running around after a quick change of shoes.

3.5 miles run

33 minutes 33 seconds counted.

Legs felt much better today. smile emoticon

17:14 Cycling 18:22 Running

Distance 10.7 miles cycled 3.5 miles run

Time 45:02 cycled 33:33 run

Pace 14.3mph 9:36mm

Calories 492 cycled 449 run


Day 27

Day 27 – another duathlon day. Cut the turbo trainer session short, the Jessica Jones episode I was watching was getting a bit tense!! Eek! As for the ride and run….

3.21 miles

30 minutes, 42 seconds

With the warm up of the turbo trainer session in able to get a bit of speed without much effort.

Turbo session

7.98 miles

30 minutes, 58 seconds.

Tooooootally sweaty session!!

17:22 Cycling 18:11 Running

Distance 7.98 miles cycled 3.21 miles run

Time 30:58 cycled 30:43 run

Pace 15.5mph 9:35mm

Calories 385 cycled 406 run


Day 28

Day 28 – sluggish on a full belly and legs tired from lots of walking. Blergh!!

Nearly there folks. This is one helluva challenge!! Just proves that if I really want to train every day – I can!!! Sigh!


Distance 3.32 miles

Time 36:18

Pace 10:55mm

Calories 435


Day 29


Day 29 – Legs felt super good. So went for it. Kept pushing myself around and pleased with the effort.

3.3 miles

32 minutes 35 seconds

Well done everyone – only a few more days to go


Distance 3.34 miles

Time 32:35

Pace 9:46mm

Calories 432

Day 30

Due to a technical error my post for Day 30 went missing.  I manage to run after going out for a Chinese.  Note to self, running on a full belly of Chinese food is NOT a good idea!!


Distance 3.35 miles

Time 35:49

Pace 10:42mm

Calories 395


Day 31

Day 31 – 13.15 miles in 3 hours 1 minute. This was the halfway point of Flitch Way Marathon and by 1 minute I was over the cutoff. Now yes myself and Max could have carried on. We would have been allowed. But we didn’t because it wouldn’t have been fair on the race organiser. So even though we didn’t get to do a marathon today I still managed to complete the Marcothon Challenge. 31 days of running. Well done everyone else. Well done to all those who started, well done to all those who tried. Well done to those who managed to finish this challenge. It’s been a wonderfully insane experience. THANK YOU and Happy New Year everyone.


Distance 13.15 miles

Time 3:01:37

Pace 13:49mm

Calories 1385

So there you have it.  31 days of running.  It derailed two marathons but taught me a whole bunch.  I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and learnt that if I put my mind to it, I CAN ACHIEVE MY GOALS!!

Have a fabulous 2016.



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