Running: The Q&A’s we REALLY want to know

Okay – seeing as this looks like a good piece of fun that’s also very informative and induces giggles for all the best childish reasons.  Also – why not have a try at this yourself.  Post a link to your blog post in the comments and we can all have a giggle.

Questions and answers blog post.  Just to keep it amusing – just like Dreaming of Footpaths – I’ll keep this to the most embarrassing and possibly amusing answers.  Yeah, you’re welcome!!

Most embarrassing injury?

Erm….. do I have to?  Sigh…. After riding 70 miles (10 of which were in the wrong direction! But that’s another story) on a very comfortable but completely unsuitable saddle.  I managed to do something that only women can do! Yup, the only time a man can injure himself in the same way is to break something!  I managed to mildly dislocate my pubis bones.  Doesn’t sound like much does it.  Well, the pain is similar to being hit in the groin every time I took a step.  After a while the pain can sometimes feel……. erm…….. pleasurable…… I’ll leave it there.  Your imagination can fill in the rest!

Running total of nails? Are they all the right colour?

Still have all 10.  Not lost one yet but only two change colour on a regular basis.  Through many pairs of shoes I’ve found its the tendons in my toes causing the problem.  I’m working on them.  Slowly!  

Have you ever had an Al Fresco toilet moment?

Okay. I’ll own up to this one. It took a desperate moment on the middle of a trail run to finally get my kit down for a toilet moment. I’m now less hesitant but still very wary of others out on the trail. After desperately trying to find a good spot to relieve myself on a 50 mile run. I couldn’t hold on until the next checkpoint and thought I’d found a nice quiet spot. It was only mid stream that I realised I had revealed myself to walkers on a path that I’d backed onto. Sigh!

Dream race?

I don’t think I’ve found one yet. I’m still getting used to running big distances and one day, ONE DAY I’d like to get 100 miles. One day!

Best tip for beginners?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Admiration is perfectly okay but we are all different. Remember that whenever you see others doing far better than you there are others out there seeing you as inspiration as well. We are all different! You will eventually be a good runner if you keep trying to improve on yourself. Runners come in all shapes and sizes and even the fast ones started somewhere. Keep up the good work.

Running secret? until now

Thongs. There’s a whole load of runners out there running commando which I just can not do! Hang on, is that a running secret?

Best post race drink?

SMOOTHIE!!!!!!! Frozen fruit, seeds, nuts and orange juice all crushed into a cool smooth(ish) drink. Slimy but satisfying. Plus it has ALL the essential nutrients a body needs. Yup. Smoothie!

Have you ever got lost during a race?

Yup. MANY times. Top tip. When running an event that has instructions, make sure you start on page 1. Starting on page 2 can send you in the wrong direction and then set the whole day up for going the wrong way. Although, somehow, I managed to the exact mileage required at the end of the event. Go figure!!!

If you could have a running slogan or motto what would it be?

Running – made for cake!

Don’t forget to answer the questions on your blog and post the link in comments so we can all have a good nose!


  1. Lost on a race?! We’ve been lost on many training runs that’s for sure! In fact a Helen run, is always an adventure! Another great read x

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