Plans Change – Time to renovate my running

Well what a week I’ve had!

A weekend rest that turned into two 10 mile runs. One nice easy trail run and one painful but good road run.

A midweek marathon where I forgot my shorts….. yup! I really did!!

An LDWA marathon on Saturday where I took lots of pictures and slapped a cow on the arse!

Saturday morning, nice and early, I head out onto the local trails with Grace from the Leighton Fun Runners. We enjoyed spotting dear and saying good morning to some very well behaved cows. We took things nice n easy and due to the muddy/hilly nature of the route it was very enjoyable with LOTS of views.

Local wind turbine - one of the tallest inland!
Local wind turbine – one of the tallest inland!
Slugs as bright as my new trail running shoes
Slugs as bright as my new trail running shoes

Sunday morning was a very different run indeed. This time I was with three Leighton Fun Runner ladies and the requirement was to be faster or on 10:30min miles pace. I tried to set my watch to keep an eye on my pace but that didn’t work. So I did my best to keep pushing as hard as I could throughout the run. Which ended up with me gasping for air near the top of one of the hills for a few minutes. Even with that stop we still managed bang on 10:30min miles. Pretty chuffed with that but boy I felt utterly wrecked afterwards. This “speed” thing needs more training without wrecking my good self!! No pictures for this one. Even though I did take my camera – trying to keep my breathing under control took away all thoughts of taking pictures!

Wednesday I had a brilliant time at The Tolkien Run. This is a 6 hour event where you run for 6 hours. As long as you’ve completed a lap then you’re okay to finish. It’s as simple as that. As it was a Tolkien themed event I thought quite a few peeps would dress up for at least an initial lap and then run the rest in normal running kit. So my plan was – Get there nice n early, with cheap white dress, cheap white bikini cover and cheap white cloak over the top of running shorts, run one lap and take off white kit and replace with running top.

Galadriel impersonator in front of the white cliffs of Dover
Galadriel impersonator in front of the white cliffs of Dover

That was the plan. What happened was – wake up at stupid o’clock. Put on white dress, bikini cover and put white cloak in running kit bag. Note – Running kit bag had been organised the night before. Grab stuff, get in car and get to Dover! Arrived at Dover, got out of car, felt like a complete nitwit because everyone else was in running kit – couldn’t see anyone else dressed up. Got my number whilst smiling sheepishly to other peeps – I’m not a fan of being noticed!! Quickly go back to car to get changed. Look in kit bag and……………… OH FOR FFS!!!!! My running kit and change of clothes were at home. They were in a lovely white bag NEXT to the running kit bag. In my morning dazed state I’d completely forgot it. I take a moment, swear profusely to myself for being such a complete numpty and get over it. Pin my number to my white dress and get my white cloak on. I head back to the start/finish area and find two other peeps that had made an effort to dress up. One dressed as Gandalf – Karen who was celebrating her 100th Marathon – and another who was dressed as an elf. Phew!

The marathon was good fun, chatting to quite a few people who were very much enjoying my dressing up efforts. Although I looked like I was wearing a lot I was incredibly cold throughout the whole thing. It wasn’t an easy course – laps of Samphire Hoe and the sea wall were tough. I did, however, get a very big box of chocolates for my costume. I may be tempted to try that again. WITH the correct kit!!!!

Rewarded with chocolates for dressing up
Rewarded with chocolates for dressing up

Saturday I got myself out of bed early o’clock again to head towards Bristol for the LDWA Cotswold Challenge. This time I made sure I had all my running kit and change of clothes out and ready in one place! No forgetting bits of kit today!! I also had the route on my etrex, the route description printed out (twice) and my UD Jenny pack all ready to go. I arrived nice n early and got myself relaxed with a cup of tea. Bonus – I remembered my cup for once! The weather was looking like it was going to be perfect. It was. Spotted another Leighton Fun Runner who agreed to buy my old etrex and bizarrely enough it was in my car, with batteries ready to go. Last minute run to the car to retrieve old etrex and wirelessly add today’s route to it. I was feeling super organised today. The route is 25 miles long so the runners get to run an extra 1.5 mile loop before heading out onto the route. A few people got lost on the loop – oops! Thankfully being extra slow I managed to just about keep up with people around the correct path for the loop and then followed the etrex along with the route instructions for the rest of the route. It was beautiful. With beautiful views comes some hard climbs. The muddy bits were fun and the crazy cows were big but in no way scary. I got quite close to a few and one was deciding he didn’t want to move from my path so he got a light slap from me to get him moving….. haha mooooving!! I couldn’t quite get going on this one so I resolved myself to take it easy and enjoy the whole thing. Look at the amazing views and chill out. It was lovely. Especially the entertaining company over that last few miles talking about music and running.

Gopro Mooovie cow
Gopro Mooovie cow
My shadow has better running legs than me
My shadow has better running legs than me
Who wouldn't want to run along that trail?
Who wouldn’t want to run along that trail?
Who wants clean trail shoes anyway
Who wants clean trail shoes anyway

Next week is working on speed now I’m having less problems breathing. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get back into some serious training.



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