Dunstable Challenge – Big up – Big Down

Big up

Well what a fun week that was! Recovery from the ABF Cycle ride was much easier than I had ever thought. A couple lunchtime runs and an evening session on the turbo trainer. No problem at all. Then it was time for Dunstable Marathon Challenge.

This event was supposed to be my first marathon in 2012 but whilst reccying the route I badly twisted my ankle and had to postpone my first marathon until the following May. I spent hours on sections of this course. The route is lovely. A mixture of trails, superb hills, hard public trails and twisting turning trails with a few sections of path/road thrown in. I loved working out the route. I enjoyed the challenging hills/fields. Putting the whole route together for the first time in 2013 was tough but enjoyable. This year was just the same. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was in a stupid amount of pain from mile 10 through to the finish. The weather was perfectly cool but dry, the ground was hard and dry, very little wind to contend with and a group start and finish just made the whole day a massive amount of FUN! Thank you Leighton Fun Runners for being a perfectly fun loving bunch of runners. Pointless stiles and gates made my day!

As for the pain? It started out as an incredibly painful stitch and then developed into agonising gut ache that just wouldn’t go away. Even after finishing I felt short of breath and no relief from the pain. Now waiting for an asthma nurse appointment to check me over. Thankfully the pain has gone but the after effects are coughing up lumps of phlegm – yuck!!

Big down

I just haven’t felt like getting my running kit on for a run at lunch – this bugs me.

Went for a run with the club on Tuesday and wrecked myself getting back to the car to pick up no.1 boy from scouts – need a better plan on Tuesdays!!

I am no good at waiting – which makes no sense. How can this be when I am superb at waiting for karma to do its worst to my enemies rather than taking out immediate and satisfying wrath on them!!

My personality is split between really wanting to run and…….meh……..too much effort!! THIS must be rectified SOON!! Which also bugs me.

I know I need to just organise myself into motivation but but but but but BUT big fat but which is getting rounder by being my but because I’m using but far too much but but but but BUT!!!!

So this week has been classed as “recovery” week. Yup. Recovery. There. That makes all that not running this week perfectly plausible. I’ve been “recovering” from a BIG run. Yup. Recovering.

I have a run organised for the weekend. I have a couple marathons next week to get my head back into running mode. Everything will work its way back to just fine and dandy soon enough.



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