Time is the most difficult medication to take

The gloom has lifted. Injuries are still healing. Planning and plotting adventures are returning with glee. Time has flown by in a flurry of summer madness!

July to September – what’s happened?

Lots and LOTS of strength training targeting my knees, ankles, hips, lower back and torso – arms and chest mainly. Some sloth days I’ve been reading books RESISTING the urge to devour ALL the biscuits in the house. Other sloth days my lovely husband buys me biscuits/cakes to snaffle whilst reading books or watching the telly whilst resting. Sigh. I should know better haha!

Mornings – These have been divided up into 3 half hour sections. Well, 4 if you count the half hour it takes my brain to defuzzle itself from sleep mode! First its half hour of hip/glutes stretching along with gentle sit-ups (I don’t know the proper name for them), squats, half press-ups and then my feeble attempts at pull-ups. For some reason this works well in the morning but absolutely wrecks me in the evening. Second half hour is getting my wrecked self presentable for the day and then the remaining half hour is getting lunches prepared for myself and the family. Sounds simple but it has taken a lot of will power to keep to this routine on weekdays. I’ve found I’m NOT good with routine. Thankfully this all happens in the morning so after a couple months of “routine” it’s slowly developing into a habit. Then the summer holidays happened and my habit and routine went out the window! Argh!! My healthy lunch slowly dwindled to some healthy bits of food and buying food from the company coffee shop increased. Not good! Thankfully the kids are back at school and I can get back to my healthy morning starts.

I’ve continued with running marathons/ultras –

LDWA From Here to There and Back. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Met a few entertaining characters and enjoyed the fact that I had a gpx route on my etrex because the route instructions were a bit hit and miss. Not bad for a first time event.

Stevenage Fairlands Valley 50km – I’m not sure why I signed up to the ultra. I then planned to race the first 10 miles so I could meet some fellow LFR’s running the marathon route at the first marathon checkpoint. Thankfully I only missed them by 10 minutes. 10 minutes can be a big distance whilst running though. At least a mile!! I did catch up and relaxed for the rest of the event.

Midnight Marathon – another first event. Held at Queens Park on the South Downs Trail. An easy to follow out and back race that started at 9pm but if you knew you’d be slow then you could start at 8pm. Myself and Max started at 8pm. The route was beautiful through the sunset and then creepy and also beautiful during the clear full moon night. Not far from the turnaround point I decided to attempt a superman moment. I found out I am not superman and I cannot fly. I had the bruised knees and hand to prove this. Again my etrex has proven its ability to be smashed onto rocks and survive with barely any damage. What is it made of? We both finished (slightly bruised) just after 4am and we even saw badgers. I really want to do this one again!!

Salisbury 54321 50km – again! Why 50km? Is the marathon distance becoming boring? Well yes. Yes it is and the extra mileage is giving me that little bit extra of a challenge. Plus I am still massively grumpy about the fact that I’ve pulled out of a 100 mile event that I was looking forward to for MONTHS!! MONTHS I tell ya!! Moving on……. I had a great time at Salisbury 54321. Met a lovely lady who struggled with knee issues who ended up pulling out at 20 miles. The rest of the route was a little lonely but somehow I managed to pick up a pretty good pace, somehow?!?!?!

Then Enigma Shaken not Stirred marathon around Caldecotte lake in Milton Keynes. Somehow I managed to run this in 5 hours 6 minutes. I wasn’t pushing for a fast time at all. I was listening to Monty Python and running 5 minutes walking 1 minute after the second lap. Occasionally stopping for a hearty laugh! I must admit I completely forgot what lap I was on and just kept running till I heard the bell to tell me I was on the last lap. I paid for this fast time the following day. Thoroughly sore and knackered in a major episode of DOM’s. Ouch!

Lastly a 66 mile bike ride on the ABF Cycle Ride from Stanbridge last weekend. I’ve done this event before but never tackled the BIG distance because of the monstrous hills involved. With LOTS of turbo training and doing a slightly different style of turbo training I thought I’d have a bash at the big distance. Plus it really helped to have company on my insanity tour of Beds/Bucks – Thank you sooooo much Emma.

My regular lunchtime running schedule has fallen behind a great deal but I’ve tried to make sure I’m doing something every day. Turbo training sessions when I can’t get out and run and running hills at every opportunity when I can get out for a run.

My heel is still a little tender. My calf muscle is STILL weaker than it should be but I’m working on trying to keep everything balanced and strong. I’m still able to run, not fast! But that’s not a problem at the moment.

I’ve got lots planned for the rest of the year now. Even more planned for next year. Then I hope to get to 100 marathons in the same year I reach my goal of 100 miles. That sounds like a fabulous training schedule – one that makes me feel far more comfortable with my ability to train for speed. I’ll get there….. eventually!


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