Know my Limits but Don’t Ever Stop Trying to Pass Them!!!

I’ve reached my training limit it seems.

Pushing to train through a torn calf muscle then dealing with the aftermath of overstressed foot/shin ligaments had not stopped me.

Dragging myself around the lake where I work for the umpteenth time during my lunch hour was strangely enjoyable once I got out there.  Easy/tempo/progression and repeat!!

Racing Parkrun and making sure I was able to run every day apart from Mondays didn’t phase me in the slightest.

However, getting a painful heel that appears to be tightening that lovely immense tendon attached to it was the gentle tap on the shoulder to say – This is too much too soon.  Back off a little please.

It’s incredibly frustrating.  I can happily run a hilly marathon with no pain whatsoever but the following day I’ve got the big reminder that I’ve worked that heel/tendon and it needs rest to recover.

I’m starting to wonder if I am not registering the pain when I run for some reason.  It’s happened before.  A spectacular sprained ankle and it felt a little sore after I sorted out strapping it up.  I then ran 2 miles on it.  It was a little painful but thinking back on that moment I should not have been able to put ANY pressure on it let alone RUN on it!!

So here’s me – pulling out of training for the 100 miles in September.  I’ve also pulled out of the St Oswalds Ultra – told the organisers to donate whatever I would get as a refund from my entry fee to their local charity.  I’m not giving up though.  Oh no.  I’m seeing this as endurance training.  I’ll keep running but at a gentler pace until my heel/Achilles gets stronger.  I will do more cross training to compliment my running.  Cycling/swimming/rock climbing.  No….. there are NO plans to do an IRONMAN!  Half ironman maybe but there’s no way I’m cycling that far and then running a marathon!!  There’s a whole load of words I can eat at a later date!!  Hahahaha!

So now I’m back to running at whatever pace I want until things start to resolve themselves I will be booking up a few marathons for the rest of the year.  Ones I can do at a snails/sloths pace.  I’m going to have a fabulously fun time in the Lake District at the Lakeland100/50.  Not running but helping out this year.  Paying back some of the fabulousness that I received for the last two years at that event.

That’s all for now.  This Ultra Sloth is going back to taking things a little easier until the training can begin again.  By easier I mean running a few marathons/ultras for fun and not so much running mid-week!  Which doesn’t sound easy at all does it!.



  1. Your attitude is an inspiration! I get all bummed out and woe-is-me whenever I get injured… I need to channel this post the next time that happens 🙂 Hoping you heal up quickly!

    • Oh…. I get grumpy too….. Definitely not the calm type when it comes to “RESTING” but I’ve found supporting new runners and helping out at races has altered my view. We’ve all pushed ourselves to go further but sometimes its worth looking back and seeing how far you’ve come and saying – yeah! I did that!! Then helping someone else do the same makes me completely forget about any injuries. Well….. until I try running again and then the air turns blue with various expletives hahaha!

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