Injuries – They Take TIME to Heal

Yes.  TIME!!  The body can only rebuild as fast as it was designed to.  There’s not much you can do to speed things up without resorting to surgical means.  11th March 2015 my greyhound decided to use my legs as a brake.  I didn’t realise at the time that the impact of dog on shin had done damage to the muscle.

12 weeks!!  Yes!  12 weeks for the injured calf muscle then the resulting overstrained tendons to heal.  I’m finally running without pain in my shin!  FINALLY!! So it’s back to the training plan.  Back to speed work, back to planning and plotting that damned 100 miles that’s driving me nuts!!

Plus I’ve taken on changing my diet.  Using the art of smoothie!  Why?  Because I rarely eat nuts/seeds/fruit and when I do it never really tastes nice and then I avoid it.


So my thinking was….  If I put all the fruit seeds and nuts together into a smoothie and try to have one at least every other day then I will gently teach my body to digest those foods and build up some healthy gut bacteria.  From that my theory is that once I’ve built up enough seed/nut/fruit eating bacteria I’ll start wanting to eat seeds/nuts and fruit.

Smoothie ingredients before blending
Smoothie ingredients before blending
YUMMY smoothie that didn't last till the afternoon!
YUMMY smoothie that didn’t last till the afternoon!

It’s been a couple weeks so far and the result is – I REALLY like the seed/nut/fruit smoothies.  I crave them now.  It’s all rather odd!  I’ve tried the smoothie without the nuts and seeds and although the smoothie feels……smoother……it doesn’t taste right without the added nuts and seeds.  I’ll give it a few more weeks but I’m seeing an improvement in energy levels and concentration.  This is just tired old me though.  I’m not saying everyone should go out and get into smoothie’s.  I’m using them as a crutch to get myself eating stuff I REALLY DON’T LIKE!!  So for the fussy eaters out there….. try it.  No alien textures and lots of yummy taste with very little overpowering alien flavours.  Plus it’s healthier than the bottled versions from the shops and most of the fruit I blend is frozen!!  YUM!!

I’ve not been up to much training over the last couple months and it feels like I’ve gone completely backwards.  I was seeing improvement on speed and endurance before the calf injury and now I’m right back to the speed I was at the beginning.  BUT…….. I still have the endurance!!  Go figure!!  I’ve gone on a few leisure runs which felt like a lovely walk instead of a sweaty run where I need to keep up and gasp at every hill!!  – read as run with no training in mind, just enjoying the countryside and company.

Back to easy 30-45 mins running.  Back to progression.  Back to intervals.  Back to park running and long training runs with marathon pace (which I still have no idea what that’s meant to be!!).  Back to cross training on the……. WHO THE HELL HAS EATEN THROUGH MY DERAILER CABLE!!!!!!!!!!  Ugh…..  I swear the greyhound is trying her hardest to tell me something!  Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaa I’m NOT listening.

You will listen or I'll eat more healthy looking stuff!
You will listen or I’ll eat more healthy looking stuff!

At least a derailer cable is easier to fix than my calf muscle AND it wasn’t the soft yummy tasty handlebar covers.  Although that would have been far more acceptable!!

Roll on next weeks entertainment of orienteering with Lesley!  Hopefully I’ll once and for all be able to get my head around a map and compass!  Although I’m still baffled on how to use these items in the dark!!  DARK!!  I’ll be navigating by stars next!!

Oh…. I’m to change my name to Grylls.

Only the best can be BEAR!

I get called Grylls by a few of the LFR (Leighton Fun Runners) All because I carry first aid kit, poncho, safety blanket, change of socks, eye wash, mobile, mobile charger, spare batteries, gpx, gels…… the list continues…… on pretty much every trail run I do.  Plus – after an extremely lonely moment at the back of the pack in a long run – I’ve started to figure out what a trail shoe print looks like compared to walking boots or wellies.

Salomon speedcross mud print
Salomon speedcross mud print

It’s a handy skill!!  Especially when you’re supposed to be following a pack of runners and they’re nowhere to be seen!!  Doing the whole…..they passed this way – picks up a few leaves and drops them – about 30 minutes ago…… moment is NEVER going to happen though hahaha!!!  Although I may try it at some point and see what the reaction is……hahaha!!

Happy running

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