How Time Changes Things

From April 2012 on my first attempt at blogging – or my online persona of running revelations and things to remember!!

hels205running 1st post

Looking back at this I remember that day. It’s skipped my memory completely until I read this again and now?  Well now I look back on some of these posts and chuckle to myself. Whenever I’m having a bad moment, bad day, why isn’t life playing fair moment I go on a little online tour of my running rantings.

Running in the rain!! I was such a wuss!! Seriously! The “now” me would just put on shorts, top and shoes then just run!! Oh! Not forgetting my trusty garmin, obviously!! Rain/wind/snow…… Go run! Fun fun fun!!

Recently, I’ve been feeling frustrated by an injury that just doesn’t want to play ball and heal. I feel like there’s little or no progress. I’m not getting out to run with the local running club and I feel like I’m losing touch with local running friends. It’s all pretty self centred and just plain dumb!! Reading my old blogs has reminded me I’m always being so hard on myself. I’m always critiquing how slow, not fit enough, not good enough I am! But I AM stronger! I know much more about food/injuries/equipment. Even though I constantly battle with self doubt I know I’m one helluva stubborn cow that doesn’t know when to just give in already!!

Hopefully the injury will heal. I’ll still be hard on myself because I do want to be better. Good enough – I don’t want to be good enough. I want to constantly be better!! I started running because I wanted to improve myself. I’ve achieved that. Now it’s time to be more!!

Have fun running
Hels 😉


  1. Ugh, sorry you’ve got a stubborn injury. I hope it gets its act together and heals up soon!

    • It’s just like me!! I’ll be good this week and see how it goes. May need more rest and back to my good old days of little or no running mid week and full on weekends lol! Thank you 😉

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