Post Injury Workouts & Other Stuff

It’s been a tough week. So much running not accomplished but oh so much cycling, turbo training and cross training done that I REALLY needed to get out and run this weekend.

Note to anyone who is injured. Make sure you have something you can do at home that’s low impact that will get you through the torture that is not running. This week I have been mostly cycling, turbo training and cross training. I HATE the cross trainer with a new vengeance! I’m never getting rid of it though. It’s perfect for recovery training. It’s a magnetic resistance cross trainer so there’s no belt to tighten up. It’s just right, I still hate it though!!

So why am I not running? Somehow, even I’m still not sure how, I’ve managed to tear my calf muscle. The possible culprit could be a medium sized greyhound running through my legs, yes through!!! Yes she’s our dog and yes we were playing, oh well 🙂 I didn’t realise I had injured my calf at all. I was getting odd cramping and pin prick pain in the muscle. This has now been resolved and feels like it’s healed well. But…… There’s always a but!! The muscles and tendons that were trying to protect this muscle are now feeling damaged. So my left calf/shin/foot feels like it’s been broken. I know all this bruising and pain will eventually resolve itself but (there’s that but again!!) I shouldn’t really be running with all this injury going on.

While I wasn’t running I was checking and rechecking my kit to make sure everything was still okay and found the toe part of my Brooks Ghost had collapsed. That explains the tender patch on my foot from lunchtime and weekend runs. 

Replacing the tyres

Here’s my new Salomon x-scream. Slightly less heal than the Brooks but just the right amount of toe room and they feel lovely while I’m running or walking.


This bizarre looking instrument of torture has helped with cramped/bruised muscle. I absolutely HATED this thing to begin with. I’m now using it every day to work out any knots in my legs. To begin with it was all pain, rolling out my muscles like a piece of pastry was not relaxing at all. Now? It’s like settling into that perfect sofa spot and snuggling down. Oh how things have changed this year!!


One shocking thing I did this week. I sold my garmin 310xt. I sold it!! It’s been a great gadget. I’ve managed to keep it working throughout all the garmin connect/express updates fiasco. Using my phone to upload workouts rather than garmin express. Thing is, after being spoilt with the ease of use of my garmin 620 I longed for something similar. The obvious choice was the garmin 920xt but I really didn’t like it. It didn’t really offer more than the 310xt. Yes it had Bluetooth communication and the training functions but I already had access to the new training functions on my garmin 620. It just didn’t float my boat!! I was seriously considering Suunto, Yes!! Not garmin!! That is until I saw this………


The Garmin Fenix 3. Pretty precioussssseesseesss!!!!! It does everything the 920xt does with a few extras to extend the battery life. Plus it looks like a watch and acts like one. Then I’m not walking around work looking like I’m about to do an impression of superman or spiderman by striping of my work clothes and running out of the office in skin tight Lycra!!! Yes I do have that little montage in my head every time I go for a lunchtime run hahaha!! 

It’s been a frustrating week for running. I have kept up the training using other means of cardio torture and nobly instruments of pleasure/torture!!

You’re still reading? Wow! Well done!
So what will I be up to next week? Next week I have plans…… Plans that involved cycling to work. That’s 14 miles! It doesn’t sound far but it’s about an hour to get to work I reckon. I’ll know more when I try it 🙂

Okay, I’ll let you go now. Have a great week.


  1. OOOh – that Fenix looks very interesting! How good is the battery? I do 8 miles runcommute each day and spend 13 hours out of the house each day… how many times do you think I would need to charge?

    • No idea…. Yet!! According to DCRainmaker it’s got similar battery life to the 310xt AND can charge on the go. That was why I got the 310xt to begin with. Even the charging clip makes it easy to wear and charge by the look of it!!
      Will report on it as soon as I get my mits on it!! Precioussssseesssesss!!!

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