Training Week 16 – Blog Blackout

Where did a month go?  One minute its my birthday and the next I’m realising I haven’t bored anyone with my training blogging.  So are you sitting comfortably?  No?  Well get that cuppa and maybe a biscuit or two if you’ve been active today and I’ll update you with my training nonsense.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away from Milton Keynes there lived a middle aged mum who had the most amazing idea.

“I know what I’ll do this year”  She chirped happily to herself whilst reading blogs and facebook posts one evening.  “A marathon is fun, 50 miles has been fun as well, so I think I’ll try 100 miles this year”  But wait – 100 miles is such a long way and this middle aged mum was not a fast ultra runner.  She was an ultra plodder.  Unfortunately this wouldn’t allow her to run most 100 mile events.  So after spotting that another (not so slow) ultra runner was entering a 100 mile event that had a fairly reasonable cutoff the middle aged mum got herself into training mode.

At first the training was purely down to internet research with very little background knowledge to running.  Then she got herself a coach and the training since then has been eye opening.

So much so that she forgot to blog about it and was far more focused on training well.

So there’s my story so far.  Not enough detail?  Seriously?  Okay then.  The last post was from week 11 wasn’t it.  So……..

Week 12 – Recovered well from Punchbowl marathon and got stuck into a week of Tues/Weds/Thurs runs and a weekend of parkrun + a run and a Sunday long run which I did with the local running club.

Week 13 – Rest week which still involved lots of running – I’m starting to get the difference now between rest and hard running weeks.  Tues/Weds/Frid running.  Saturday I was on my feet most of the day helping out at the Social Ultra Cotswold Way 50k.  Sunday was the Bath Half Marathon.  A very unexpected 2hrs 5mins of easy running.  I didn’t once feel over worked and usually I would have to push myself to get near that time.  I was very pleased especially with the insane crowding at the beginning of the half marathon.

Week 14 – Another rest week of easy running.  Rest weeks have running but far less instensive workouts.  I’m learning.  Slowly!  Sunday I had a fabulous time doing the Chiltern Kanter with Claire and Emma to begin with and then Carolyn and Bonnie at some point near the beginning.  I had the route all planned out even though it was a point to point map reading afair.  Weather was perfect for a run in the local hilly countryside.

Week 15 – High intesity workouts Tues/Thurs and longer easy running on Weds.  Although having a greyhound smash into your shins can cause muscle damage I found.  This wasn’t noticed until much later in the week after I ran the Larmer Tree Marathon in record time for me considering how hilly/muddy it was.

Week 16 – Was intended to be a fairly easy week training wise due to some pain in my shin/calf muscle.  Monday I was giving the muscle intense massage.  Tuesday it was driving me crazy because I could run but it would feel like needles in my calf muscle.  Booked myself in to see the physiotherapist and there’s a small tear in the muscle.  Not from running I might add.  I hadn’t realised having a greyhound use me as stopping post would tear muscle.  I just thought I had some bruised bone issues.  No running for a few days to let the muscle heal a bit.  Then stretches and strength training.  Instead of running I switched my workouts to the turbo trainer.  Picture the scene – Lycra clad middle aged woman wearing headphones linked to a phone that’s propped on a music stand in front of a road bike huffing and puffing away whilst watching the Green Latern.  Yeah!  I must be the only one that kinda likes that film…… Moving on…….

So there you have it.  Not much to brag about.  Lots of running, lots of training.

One thing I have noticed recently.  My average pace is increasing.  Ever so slowly I’m becoming faster.  I am thoroughly enjoying the training programme and I’ve noticed I’ve become a much stronger, more resiliant runner.  Mile 22 on the Larmer Tree Marathon Love Station I felt as fresh as a daisy.

Also – I’ve purchased a foam roller and a massage stick.  The most hateful impliments of self massage ever!!!!  I LOVE THEM.  I am completely contradicting myself at every turn this year.  Next I’ll be eating Marmite on toast!!!! BLERGH!!

Have a fun weekend



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