Training – Week 11 – ROUGH!

Oh dear! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!
Last week’s training should have been so much more but I was thoroughly and utterly drained. Not by overdoing it, I wish!! After managing to escape the raking cough, snotty nose and fevered shivering I fell ill with……. Erm…… A horrible never ending headache that left me so drained and tense that I tied my back into knots which needed the physio to unwind!! Well, I didn’t know it was my back. The pain was in my hip but after the visit to the physio I’m working on keeping those tension knots at bay!! I tried to keep up the running but just couldn’t push myself.
Thankfully by Friday I was feeling much better and I was looking forward to Saturdays attempt at Parkrun plus easy run. So much so that I ended up arriving at Willen Lake early. An hour early! I had a choice, sit in the car and cry – depression is just plain mean sometimes!! – or run the Parkrun route in reverse at a very easy pace to arrive at the start to then race it.  It wasn’t in the plan but I wasn’t about to sit and let bad thoughts eat at me until 9am!! 
I’m pleased to say that although the easy reverse Parkrun felt like I was running through treacle I was feeling alive and great for the Parkrun itself. Weird considering I had run so badly to the start! I felt so much better for the rest of the day. The plan for Sunday 3 hours easy was looking like fun. I didn’t want to run the roads. I needed to get lost on some trails. I hadn’t been feeling too good emotionally and trail running just brings out the wonder in the world.
Again I was up early so I got myself out the door with my trail kit, etrex and first aid kit – you never know when you might need to use one!! It was great fun, I finally found some paths I had been looking for, got thoroughly muddy, followed by inquisitive sheep, found more paths I want to investigate next time and felt strong throughout the adventure. I can’t call it a run because I was run/walking/taking pictures/etrex map reading and enjoying the creepy scenery. The only focus was the last 25-30 minutes where I was running home from Rushmere park.
Enjoy the pictures πŸ˜‰


Inquisitive sheep


Creepy fog filled fields


Trails to……??


This trail is covered in nettles during the summer months


Creepy dead tree


No land marks at all!


Middle of nowhere and I find the mystery footpath that I’ve been searching for!


The mystery footpath looks like muddy fun πŸ˜‰

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