Training – Week 10 – Training Pro Badge

I can’t quite believe I’m in week 10 of training.  Do I get a Training Pro badge?  No?  Sigh…..  This weeks plan looks good and I’m starting to think I’m rather enjoying having a plan set out.  I’m feeling a tad tired but that would be down to full on work and running around organising birthday treats rather than anything else.  The training has been a welcome chill out time to all the madness!

So last weeks “rest” week was easy.  I’ll admit it.  I took everything at a chill out pace and still managed some good times.  Plus I did some turbo trainer work to stabilise my right hip/knee which is starting to play up with the extra mileage.  What I thought was going to be tiring and tough was very manageable once I made sure I kept to the plan.

The plan – That’s the thing that has been bugging me.  I’ve tried to set myself targets and even with the best intentions I’ve let myself down.  For some reason I’m super/ultra/obsessively keeping to “The Plan” for fear of losing valuable training.  It feels nuts!  However – I’m managing to keep up with the plan.  Somehow!!  So it seems that my training wasn’t so much lacking in intensity or quality it was down to me not sticking to a plan.  If that ramble makes sense to anyone can they explain it to me as well?

So – training this week is bigger and better.  Starting the week tired from family/work life is not such a good idea but somehow I’m still going.  Core work is done each day I’m running and those lovely, wonderful, yummy rest days are now definitely REST days.  The Blerch LOVES rest days.  Hahahaha!!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my daughters birthday cake.  MASSIVE thank you to the lovely, wonderful lady who made this for her.  My daughter utterly loves it!  Best birthday cake EVER!!! Her words not mine haha! But yes, it really is a fabulous cake.

Have a great week everyone.


Daughters birthday cake
Daughters birthday cake

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