Virtual Run to………. Madrid

Yes.  Virtual.  Choose the location.  Map out where I went daily and hopefully by the end of the year I will virtually run to Madrid.  No camping, no B&B’s, no travel costs, no requirement to find virtual loos on route.  Comfort of my own bed every night, home made meals, nights with the husband and kids.  What’s not to like about this idea?

Why Madrid?  My husbands choice.  In fact he’s quite excited about mapping out where I’m going to go.  He’s so excited that he was researching the route last night and asking how many miles I do each week.  He knows I love running and knows it chills me out but this response was rather endearing.

Anyhoo…..enough of that slushy nonsense.  This is a running blog!!

Here’s the initial route.  The route may change, I may go further than the planned 1,395 miles to Madrid by New Years Eve 2015.

Enjoy 😉


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