Training – Week 9 Easy Does It!!

So many miles covered in January! Wow!

Last week was a toughie but thoroughly enjoyable – well, enjoyable until the wheels utterly fell off Saturday morning!!

Throughout the week I accomplished all the training runs expected.  I was very happy with what I’d done and apart from a muscle twinge around my right hip I was all set for the weekend.  By Saturday morning I was thoroughly looking forward to a good session at MK Parkrun and thought the 30 minutes afterwards would be super easy.  The session for Sunday I was planning to go early either along the LFR watchless 10 route before anyone was there or along the Leighton Tough 10 route with an adjustment to the end to accommodate for pushing myself in the last 30 minutes.

MK Parkrun was awesome – I warmed up before the run.  Ran through the course in my head where I would push myself and where I would ease off to recover.  I was in race mode, fixated on getting the maximum out of that 5k.  Heart hammering before we even set off.  I kept the panic under control, boiling away at the surface but using the adrenalin instead of closing down.  The course was incredibly icey and I kept to the grass verges as much as I could to avoid the numerous black ice patches catching other runners.  The run was a push but I kept my form and I was very pleased with the result for such a slippery run.  27:08 – not bad!!

A few minutes waiting to get the barcode scanned and then 30 minutes easy.  Oh dear!  I got myself ready to run, checked the watch was ready, started at a gentle run and then BAM! Gut wrenching queasiness and the world on a roundabout as I suddenly felt utterly drunk!  I’m amazed I didn’t smash into the pavement face first.  I usually feel like this along with a racing heartbeat and my chest being gripped by an invisible force not letting me breath when I’m having a panic attack!  Not quite knowing what the hell was going on – I took a knee….

Yeah! Strange thing to do but I didn’t want to sit down or lean on something.  After a few minutes things started feeling okay and I tried again to set off for a run again.  To begin with I had legs of lead, stomach about to turn itself inside out and my lungs just didn’t want to work for the first five minutes.  Then everything was okay.  Back to feeling good and running was easy.  Utterly weird moment!!  This is going to make next weeks “Race” mood slightly more interesting.  I just know I’m going to hold back knowing that the remainder of the panic attack is waiting for me at the finish! Blergh!

Then Sunday – Oh dear!  No early start due to my insides not liking anything I’d eaten since Friday.  I waited to make sure there was no need for any outdoor toilet breaks before venturing out.  Good grief this is embarrassing but honest.  Thankfully I ran with my backpack which had just the right amount of water and shot blocs in it for a long run.  Both of which I used fully!  I decided on the hilly Tough 10 start to my run and was very surprised to reach Great Brickhill with ease.  At that point I didn’t feel tired at all.  It was refreshing and fabulous.  Then the big descent to the canal for the rest of the run – erm…. note to self.  Flat is worse than hills!  Hills are my friend.  Hills are like interval sessions with occasional rests.  Flat HURTS!!

Elevation profile for Sundays run
Elevation profile for Sundays run

I did – just about – manage the increased pace in the last 30 minutes but wow that was tough.

So this week is an easier week, a recovery week.  However, I’m still running Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sat/Sun though?  Errrrrr!!  Rest = easy running.  Erm……. Okay then.  I think!?!  Maybe this is where I’ve been going wrong when it comes to training, thinking a rest week is complete rest.  The Blerch will not be happy with that! Hahahaha!! Bring it ON!!!!!!!

To everyone else out there training – Keep up the good work 😉


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