Training Continues – Week 8

Yes – it really has been 8 weeks.  Christmas was a bit of a mess for training because the running was unfocussed and more for fun.  Which is never a bad thing – I really enjoy running lately.  I may not be super fast and I may walk a lot but I keep going.  That’s when I get to nosh on snacks or grab a picture of the views or just stand/sit and relish the noise of nature – complete silence, creepy rustling, bird song, freaky squeaky squirrels and wind through the trees.

Back to training – To begin with I was finding the structure a novel experience.  Not sure what results it would create.  It was a shock to the system but I was ready for this.  I want to get as much out of the training as possible and I’m taking each planned session seriously.  So is this seriously fun training?  Yes!!  I’m enjoying the challenge each session brings with it.  Its no longer the same route, same scenery, same run.  Its now – challenging route, sections to beat and new routes to plan because I’m getting faster haha!!

I’ve been given week 8 and it’s a tough one.  Nothing I’ve not done before, nothing supremely tough in there at all.  But there’s a lot of running time to be done this week.  Best make sure I’m all stocked up and well fed then.  This weeks mileage might break the 100 running miles for January for the first time for me.  Wow!  January 2014 = 63 miles, January 2013 = 33 miles, January 2012 = 14 miles, January 2011 = 12 miles – You get the picture.  January is usually a very quiet month for me but this year I’ve got my jiggly arse into gear and worked.  This is no “New Me 2015” – this is “I Want This 2015”.

Hope everyone elses January is just as enjoyable.

Plus, when I get a few minutes I’ll update my gear page.  I’ve managed to grab a few bargains and add some new gear to my arsenal.  Some great, some good and some I still need to try.

Enjoy 😉



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