100 miles 100 MILES ONE HUNDRED M I L E S!!

Driving 100 miles is a long time sat in a car! Cycling 100 miles can be thrilling, enjoyable and yup – tough! Running/walking 100 miles – there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel real. I know I need to get my brain around it somehow, even my mojo is cowering under the table giving me despairing looks!
I know this feeling though. I have had this feeling before. This is the exact same feeling I had planning my first 50 mile ultra. The marathon training felt normal – loads of people run marathons! But 50 miles! The training plans, kit, mental training for that distance was for super fit people and I did not class myself as super fit. But I did it, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so much that I went back and did more! 50 miles still feels like a bonkers distance to “enjoy” but I really do like pushing myself beyond what I think is possible. The element of stress involved in tackling a big distance has developed my own skills for handling my own personal demons. Each trail event is another opportunity to learn how to cope, to enjoy rather than fear, to see the challenge rather than a closed door.
100 miles will no doubt break me, it will eat me alive and turn me inside out. I have no illusions on how difficult it will be. I’m doing this for me, to push the boundaries, to enjoy and take part in a fantastic journey. I am responsible for my own journey and cannot blame anyone else but me for this endeavour.
So when it gets to August, when I’ve done all the training I can possibly do, I need to come back to this post and remind myself.
You’ve had that feeling before.
That terrifying feeling of something waiting behind the tree/hedge/wall/fence.
I’m under no illusion as to how difficult it’s going to be.
I understand the enormous task ahead of me.
I must be flipping bonkers!!!!!
Most of all – What a grand adventure it’s going to be. Woohoo!!

Oh and as for my training – LOVING IT!!!! My pace has stabilised, I’m trying to supplement the running with lots of core workouts as well. A couple weeks of pain on the inside and outside of my shins has finally gone away – lots of exercise and massage helped! I’m running up hills almost like one of those Bambi type runners. It’s not for long but I can do it – woohoo!!
Oh – and my GoPro Xmas pressie. I’m thoroughly enjoying the fact that I can grab a pic without risking my mobile anymore.
Enjoy πŸ˜‰


    • Hero4 Silver – Stupidly expensive but it’s been really lovely to use when I want to capture a photo without risking a more hi-tech camera to my sweat soaked self or dropped in mud!! haha!!

      • At the moment it’s safe in a pocket until I see a view I like. I got totally spoilt for christmas and got the attachment bundle. The chest harness – well – I need to figure that one out. The head attachment is odd but okay. The stick is far more useful but its storing the thing in my pack whilst running thats stopping me. Still a GoPro newbie lol!

      • Oh yes lol! There’s a few where I thought I was getting ready to take a picture and I’ve captured myself pulling some hilarious faces lol!! The connection to the computer/phone is super easy too. Can’t fault it so far.

      • If you don’t mind plugging in cables then save the money. The bluetooth/wifi is great but grabbing a cable and laptop is just a few minutes more.

    • St Oswalds Ultra – the cut off time is long enough but still tough to achieve considering the last half is going to be HILLY! It’s going to be an education! That’s for sure!

      • Awesome – I’ve done the NDW50. That was amazingly intense for me. Will be on the volunteer squad for centurion this year.
        Mine is end of September. Training is going well, I’m amazed how well I’ve coped with the intensity step up but I have worked hard to get to this level anyway. It’s going to be fun! lol!

      • A few marathons here and there and a 30mile and 40mile. Terrified of over training!! As for tips? I’m new to this ultra stuff myself and I’m learning loads as I go along. One thing that’s saved loads of injury time – Regular physio checkups. Can’t recommend that enough. Saves so much time catching a niggle before it takes out a bunch of muscles and training time with it. πŸ˜‰

      • Have got some serious shit coming up. 38 miler on 1 march. 210 miles around kent btw 13-16 march. Then a 30 miler the following weekend. Will be dead come end of march.

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