2015 – Big Changes in Small Steps

There’s no easy way to say this. I’m quiet shocked at myself. My stubborn nature can be useful but sometimes just plain idiotic at times!! I mean!! Who would have thought I would enjoy waiting to see what’s next on the training schedule? Seriously!!! Me!!!
I’ve looked at training schedules and plans before and tried to fit them into my life but I had adjusted them to the point of not fit for purpose. Plus I’m at a level of fitness where I know my niggles, injuries and fears well enough to stop or push through them if needed.
I’m thoroughly enjoying waiting for the next week of training. My mojo is back, waiting like a puppy at the door to get outside and run run RUN!! I’m running with ease around routes that had me gasping for air last year. It’s awesome!
There’s a part of me that wishes I should have sought out a coach earlier but I know there would have been excuses or frustration due to working through injuries. I’ve surpassed my own skill to be bloody minded and dig in until I make it work.
I’m not saying everyone should sign up for a coach. I’m expressing my surprise at enjoying a training routine designed for me by someone else.
As for Christmas!
I fell in love with the big distances because of the views and sheer beauty of being in the middle of what felt like no where. But I had no sensible way of capturing some of those views. To share and to keep for myself. I wanted to be able to live those moments again when my memory fails and show to my family the beauty of being fit enough to enjoy those fantastic views on foot!!
I got a GoPro camera. MASSIVE THANKS to my adoring husband. This tiny thing is good fun but with a huge price tag it’s not for everyone. So expect a few more pictures of my adventures from now on. I’m still camera shy but the views will hopefully be amazing 😉
That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep up to date a bit more but it’s going to be a training breakdown rather than an adventure of events for a little while.
Keep up the good work for those who took up running in 2014 and welcome to the club to anyone who is taking their first steps to being amazing in 2015
Xx 😉 xX

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