In Training

I know I’ve been quiet for a little while. Didn’t have much to say and too occupied with office work and getting into a new routine with the family. So while I have a few minutes to digitally ramble away to the void of web space, this is what I’ve been up to.

I’ve signed up to a coach. Me! I’ve promised to listen and ask sensible questions. Why a coach? Why not save my hard earned dosh and read through all those running books and blogs to get inspiration and shortcuts – er – correct ways to train!! Well, I’ve seen the benefits of runners being coached and until now I was perfectly happy bimbling along at my own sloth pace. But….. Yes, that inevitable but!! If I want to get myself through a big distance ultra I need to get that little bit faster. I’m not happy about it. I would still be happy at the back of the pack bimbling along at my lovely sloth pace. It would not get me to the finish line of a big ultra in the time limit allowed. Sigh!

Plus I have a tenuous relationship with speed. Me and speed have not been the best of friends. More like those distant family members you know you have but just don’t talk to. That’s my relationship with speed.

So here I am. Learning – gracefully and humbly – to be that little bit faster.

My first two weeks have been interesting. I’m now running to timed workouts rather than distance. I’ve misjudged a number of routes because all the running plans I’ve done before have been focused on distance. A route I thought would take 45 minutes took 30 minutes which ended up with me doing loops until I reached 45 minutes. I’m sure there was an Einstein–Rosen bridge along that route, there’s no way I’m THAT fast!! My gps watch disagrees with me on a regular basis telling me I’m going much faster than I think I am. It’s all becoming very strange. I’ve even learnt how to program workouts into my Garmin 620 – Tempo/progression/easy. I’m regularly running along with the Garmin bleeping away at me and I’m sure I need a bleep machine myself to silence the curses I’m shouting back at the watch. Its become a little bit lonely too. I’m not sure of my pace anymore, it’s changed so much over the last couple months and the usual suspects I run with wouldn’t appreciate me speeding off into the sunset just to keep my watch from bleeping at me so I’ve kept my training runs to myself.

There’s been no training this week. Those things called “Children” brought home one of those lovely viruses that made me feel like my head was to small for my brain, all my joints were 90+ years old, all food was the flavour of cardboard and my throat and chest felt like a bottle brush had been used to clean them with bleach!! Blergh! Today has been the first day I’ve felt even slightly back to MY normal self.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz
Keep on running

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