Do I have to? But, but, but……..2014

Yes, yes you do. What do I have to do again? Oh right. THAT!!

Training. ME!! Training. Like seriously training. Properly even. WTF!!! Welcome to Facebook!! What the flannel? Well that’s Fudged!!

I’m fairly fit now. I’m not super fit – although my kids like to brag that I am oober fit compared to other mums. I get the odd niggle which is quickly sorted out or fixed by a very very friendly local physio. I can quite happy run for miles and thoroughly enjoy the scenery rather than thinking – PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP!!!!!!! It’s been a four year journey full of frustrations, injuries, happy times and downright miserable times. I’ve witnessed a completely different self that has sometimes shocked me as to how downright determined I can be and also how much of a complete wimp I can be as well. I’ve put in hours of running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, cross trainer(ing) and loads of time crawling over the lounge floor tying myself in knots trying to do the exercises the physio has given me to fix niggles. All of this has been my own doing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, well, most of it!!

So how come I’m training? Surely I’ve trained enough and I can just go out the door and run? What’s the point?

Well. Because I’m a data nerd I’ve been analysing how each marathon has been affected by how well I’ve prepared for it. At times I’ve pulled out a really good (for me) marathon time with what felt like very little effort. Other times I’ve struggled and felt like ripping my own legs off because everything feels so downright difficult and its taken all my will to keep myself going.

I’ve looked at what I was eating. Some foods did affect me but I could eat the same thing and I would improve.

I’ve looked at how well I’ve slept. Bad night’s sleep beforehand affected how well I took on food but nothing else.

I’ve looked at how much I was doing other exercises. Direct affect. Rock climbing at the beginning of the week improved my running pace. Rock climbing a couple days before a big run made the run feel like I was running through treacle. Hmmmmmm.

I’ve looked at how often and how far I was running through the week. Another direct affect. The short 5k runs I’ve been doing have made a huge difference to my pace and stamina.

So what next? Well I’ve tried mixing up my 5k runs to include hill sprints and cross training. The club runs have been good but they’re either too easy or too strenuous. I’m running to someone else’s pace and I’m either to fast or to slow. I’ve scoured google for training plans but none felt like they would fit me and my office/family lifestyle. I’m in limbo!! Lost for how much or how little I should run/train because very few people I know are doing the same distances as me. Plus those people are A LOT faster than me!!

Hello. My name is Helen. I’m going to be training to run faster and more efficiently.

Faster? ME? What have I become!!!!

All the things I’ve rebelled against – running faster, training, serious training, running faster!!!

This is all down to me entering a 100 mile event and its no one else’s fault but my own. I’ve come to the realisation that after 4 years of trying to run I need to go back to basics and learn how to do it properly. And yes – I am ranting inside. There is no proper way to run!!!! That internal disbelief will be watching and waiting for me to not improve. To FAIL. Well there’s the line in the sand. Nothing like shear stubbornness to keep me motivated. WATCH ME!!!!

I’m of to make myself a cup of tea to calm myself down. It’s only training! What the worst that could happen?

Happy running

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