The Spotlight Dread

That moment, when you’re sitting there thinking – I’d like to try that or I can do better.
Yeah! That moment.
That happened to me whilst reading through some Social Ultra events and how they’re organised.
All you need to do is set a date. Make sure the route is okay. Know where you’re going – that one was important for me. Advertise the event and wait for some interest. Sounds simple. Uncomplicated. Free!! Sigh!
I have learnt so much since I had that moment of inspiration that’s now advertised as Leighton Ultra.
Putting together a course that’s tough but includes enough break points where people can refill water bottles or use the man made device called a toilet rather than using bushes/walls along the route.
Nights spent researching footpaths on ordnance survey maps and then organising reccie runs to see if those routes are passable. Getting lost in the middle of a field was becoming a regular occurrence!! The Broad Bean Field of Doom – ever tried to traverse a field of fully grown broad bean plants that has no discernible footpath? It’s an experience! Especially when the plants are taller than you are and you’re wondering if you’re going in the right direction.
Then route instructions. I now have an overwhelming respect for those people who write route instructions. Mine are patchy and there’s a few bits where I’ve used the phrase “not sure”. Not because I’m not sure of the route. It’s because I know the route so well its hard to picture that section without being there. Coma trail running. A route run so many times that I’m blind to the landmarks. So instead of confusing the instructions I’ve left them open for abuse.
Now I’m usually super organised when it comes to things like this. Lists a plenty. rehearsals a plenty. Backup plan followed by backup plans B, C and D – E is when everything goes completely wrong!
I’ve advertised this event and I’ve supplied so much information for the route and the day that makes it look like a super organised affair. Well, as organised as I can be. Hopefully that will be enough.
So why the hell do I feel so unbelievably uncomfortable and nervous about something that should be a heck of a lot of fun?
What if no one turns up?
Do I run the course alone anyway?
What if loads of people turn up?
What if I’m too slow for them?
I’m not incredibly slow but after 20 miles on this course I’ll be shuffling along at a comfortable pace.
I’m awful with names and faces.
Why the hell did I think up this damned plan and WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!
Do other Race Directors feel like this?
Is this normal?
I need a strong coffee!!

That moment!! That moment when you think – Yeah, I can do that!!

Roll on Sunday where I’ll be relaxing and stalking Centurion runners as they attempt to finish the Winter 100. My day in the spotlight will be over and I’ll be recovering from the fun weekend I planned so long ago.

Keep on running

One comment

  1. What a great day you made yesterday! The LB Ultra was a very great way to start ultra-running – lovely people, a beautiful route taking in Whipsnade, the Grand Union Canal, Ivinghoe Beacon, Ashridge…. Even though my legs are killing me, please do it again!

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