Where is my Mojo?

No seriously, where is it? I’m sure I put it down somewhere but it’s gone and run of somewhere.

After my bonked Beauty and the Beast Marathon I took a good long rest…… no wait!! I didn’t rest at all. I went out the following day and did a 3 mile run – with kids and Paul which meant it was a good slow run. Then did 3 days of lunchtime runs of 3 and a bit miles each at my unusual fast pace. Then I thought I’d have a bit of a rest before Nottingham marathon and lazed around for Thursday and Friday. By Saturday I was feeling utterly rubbish. Woozy and lifeless. So I chilled out Saturday thinking that would help. Well, chilled out as much as you can when there are hounds and kids and a kitten to entertain haha! It got closer to bed time and I thought and good night’s sleep with an early wake up to drive to Nottingham would be no problem at all. I got my kit ready, running bag of bits and clean change of clothes for after. Then settled to bed and then I didn’t feel tired at all. I just couldn’t rest. It was awful. I’m usually pretty good with sleepless nights but I was knackered and just wanted to sleep and couldn’t. The more I stressed about it the more awake I felt – UGH!!!!! Nottingham was not going to happen at this rate which made the stress build up that much worse. So I decided it was not going to happen. Took some medication to help me sleep which would make running the next day a complete no no and within 5 minutes I was asleep. Sigh!

Sunday was no better. A head filled with cotton wool feeling along with dizzy spells and painful legs at around lunchtime. Pretty much the same feeling and time as last weekend’s nightmare. Downright bizarre!! Migraine? Could it be a migraine? There was no headache at all just a feeling of being disconnected, dizzy and very run down. I tried my migraine meds and within 20 minutes the cotton wool feeling was gone and I was feeling a lot better. Another silent migraine attack!. Since then I’ve felt normal but tired so I also upped my iron intake back to what it was before summer. Nearly a week later and I’m back to feeling like myself again. It’s taken at least six months for the lower dose of iron to affect me and it wasn’t obvious until things started to go really wrong.

This week I did rest. Only one lunchtime run which was yesterday which felt super easy even though I was zooming along. An average pace of 9:13mins per mile is super-fast for me and it felt like an easy jog. Yikes!

So what else has been occupying me this week? The Leighton Ultra of course. My warped mind thought – hell yeah, lets bimble around the Bedfordshire countryside for a whole day with no support. Yeah!! No problem at all. What the hell was I thinking? I’m no race director! What if no one turns up! What if the weather is thunder/lightning/monsoon/hail/snow/tornado/cyclone/hurricane!!!!! What if we get lost! What if the broad bean field of DOOM is still there!!!! Yup! Here’s me sitting in a corner, rocking to comfort myself from the insanity I’ve unleashed. I know it won’t be that bad but I’m a complete and utter coward when it comes to things like this. I have loads of great ideas but very rarely do I put them into motion. Somehow this idea slipped through the insanity checks. It’s been published. People know about it! PEOPLE!!! Yes I know it (might) will be a fantastic day out. The weather (might) will be fine. Who knows, I might meet some fabulously entertaining peeps. I’ve finally gotten round to adding a route description and there’s a couple sections that I know but can’t put into words. Who knows? I might not be running by myself on 18th October haha!!

Roll on Chester Marathon – I’m travelling up on the Saturday to make sure I’m rested for a bimble around a lovely, friendly course. So I’ve been told. Here’s hoping my proper rest week has helped and I’ll be able to complete this one.

Happy running


  1. Glad you are feeling like yourself again.
    I popped over the ultra website, sounds really nice. Are you organizing the whole thing by yourself?
    I can’t imagine how time consuming that is.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Hi, thank you. Yes it’s been organised by me. Being unsupported it’s a lot less to organise. There’s no marshals or checkpoints or time limits, just a walk/run in the countryside 😉

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