Lycra vs The Suit Rant

Is it just me or do other peeps out there feel the same way?

I dress fairly smart for work. Okay it’s not the full formal suit all the time but it’s definitely trousers or skirt with a nice top to compliment me. Nothing fancy or too relaxed. Just smart. I’m comfortable with that.

I dress for comfort at home. Basically anything that can handle dogs and kids and give me enough freedom of movement to be comfortable at doing anything I like.

I dress for sweat and cooling or warmth (depending on the weather) when I want to get out for a run or ride. This involves a lot of skin tight gear that hugs or squeezes me into shape and helps my body perform as efficiently as it can.

At work/home/running I’m not embarrassed by what I wear, it’s functional, it’s comfortable and most importantly it’s useful. Nothing fancy or over the top. That’s for special nights and dancing times.

So WHY???? Do I feel overly concious of what I’m wearing when I get changed into my running gear to go for a run during my lunch hour. One curious whispered comment was that I looked like I was going to a strip club. Was that a compliment or criticism? I couldn’t tell and didn’t want to embarrass myself further by confronting the critic. During my run I decided that it was a criticism but to me it would be a compliment. If I looked good enough to be in a strip club then wow, thank you. I think!!

I’m never ashamed at what I’m wearing when I run in an event and when I run from home so why do I feel so embarrassed when I walk through the office to run during my lunch hour? I feel scrutinised and assessed by everyone I pass and it’s downright uncomfortable. I’m not going to stop though. But I really do wish that someone going out for a lunchtime run was not out of the norm for a large company!!

Rant over.
Have fun running

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