Rest After 50 miles 3rd August 2014

Rest? What’s that? After Lakeland50 this week has been recovery from the 50 rocky miles I had accomplished last weekend. Foot soaking, stretching, core workouts with a little rock climbing thrown in because I felt so good. A much needed reprieve from training to a specific event that I almost fell into the post event slump. So much focus on the big event to NOTHING!!! That feeling of – what do I do now? I noticed this post event slump after North Downs Way 50 and did a little digging into what happened in May and made sure this didn’t happen this week.
I had no training planned – it’s a rest week to recover from the insane miles I’ve just run.
I can eat loads – it’s a rest week to recover from the insane miles I’ve just run.
I can mooch around – it’s a rest week to recover from the insane miles I’ve just run.
Yep – No training, mooching, eating like I’m still running is NOT good for my mental health. No plan to keep me moving forward, no training to keep me motivated and eating like I’m still running made me feel sluggish and miserable. I was NOT going to repeat that experience again. My plan after Lakeland 50 was to repair my feet, stretch out anything that was getting tight and try some We Love A Challenge core workouts. I’m still not sure I like burpees but they do get me warmed through in no time at all. As soon as my feet stopped looking like I was trying to make balloon animals out of them I would head out for a short run and then lengthen each run after that. Simple. It was very simple and I’ve really enjoyed this week.
I managed a lovely 5 mile run Saturday morning. It didn’t start lovely at all. The first mile or so I felt like a badly put together bag of bones that didn’t work well at all. Everything felt like it was crunching and grinding. Not comfortable at all. But after that first mile I started to warm up and the breathing eased up, the crunchy bag of bones feeling went away and then instead of concentrating hard on not falling over or stopping I felt like I was skipping along the route I had chosen. I felt so good I tackled one of my evil hills that I rarely manage to run up in one go. I felt awesome!
Sunday morning I went out with Kelly to do a simple and easy trail run taking in the first part of the Leighton Ultra which would take us to Tilsworth to then loop back to Vandyke Road via Standbridge and Eggington. Simple trail run! Yeah. That would have been great. Well, most of it was great. The broad bean field of doom, however, was not great. With no discernable footpath we were fighting through cleaver, nettle, thistle, broad bean and many other plants that were clawing at our legs to get through the field of DOOM to get to the other side. Much laughing, ouching, falling over, battling, comedy running later and we made it to the other side. It’s at this point Kelly’s legs look like they’ve been whipped because she was wearing shorts!! OUCH!! I got away with only my ankles being whipped but having brightly coloured leggings on (yes, my lovely purple ones) attracted a different kind of pest. Horse flies!!!! Argh!!!!! They hurt!!!! Run away……… Even with the field of DOOM we did manage to have a good time and made it around the loop to finish with a respectful 9.9miles for our efforts.
My plans for next weekend are to get to Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 and enjoy the remarkable scenery once again. Last year this was a last minute impromptu event I found. This year I’m going back because I really enjoyed it.
What do you do after a big event? Do you plan for the next one or just get right back to training?
Keep on running.

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