The Fussy Eater Nightmare – HEALTHY FOOD!!

As I’ve been resting from my marathon weekends there’s nothing to report on how well I ran lately because, well, I just didn’t.  So because I don’t like standing still or my brain just doesn’t stop….. either way, here’s a post about something else about me.  Food! My enemy! My nemesis! My kryptonite!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!! I should be this healthy eating monster with all the mileage I’ve been doing lately.  My body should be treated like the ultimate temple of awesomeness because its managed to carry me great distances.

Unfortunately no.  I’m a stupidly fussy eater.

Most of my food aversions are down to my strength of character as a child in making sure I only got the food I liked.  Mash, white bread, cheese, more cheese, sausages, ham and the occasional apple here and there.  Salad was avoided like the plague and broccoli was a complete and utter nono!!

The rest was down to the fact that certain foods just did not sit right.  Rice made me unbelievably ill.  Chips (yes chips) gave me stomach ache.  Onions – abdominal pain that would have me doubled over, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!!! And loads more foods that either raced through me like I’d just eaten a weeks worth of laxatives or gave me the most unbelievable gastric pain.  I had every right to be fussy if food hurt.  Didn’t I?

That all changed in 2010.  I found I had a very unwell gall bladder that finally decided to make itself known when I had started to increase my running mileage.  I had been running for just over a year by that point and I was struggling with a very strong pain under my ribcage.  Not quite a stitch but enough to stop me running with nauseating pain.  Apparently my age and history were enough to get it removed and what a difference that has made!!

I’m eating broccoli at least once a week.  Boiled and raw carrots have been recently introduced.  Cucumber is just plain weird but I’m getting there.  I still have issues with tomatoes and onions so I’m wondering if I’ve developed a slight sensitivity to those.  Rice – love rice now.  It’s eaten more than mashed potato nowadays.

So how come I’m now trying all these healthy foods?  What’s happened?

I’m bored of the same food, my lovely husband just despairs at my eating habits, I see loads of posts about healthy eating this/that/the other and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to live forever changing my diet now!

Little by little I’m adding a new thing.  Waiting for my body to react, waiting for me to adjust to the new flavour/texture and not forcing myself into huge meals of alien food that my pallet is not familiar with.  A bit like getting a fussy kid to eat new stuff.  I should know.  I’ve got two kids and both of them have gone through the fussy stage but both of them now have a very healthy diet and are not afraid to try new things.  So my kids are setting an example for me.  I should really follow suit shouldn’t I?  It’s only fair 🙂

What’s your nemesis? Your BAD habit? Does it restrict you or make you who you are?

Fussy eating is a nightmare.  But I like what I like and to hell with everyone else or whatever that thinks they know the best flavours of wotsit nonsense!!  I’ve found that my fussy eating is down to who I am essentially.  I’m one downright stubborn, no nonsense, get on with it person.  That’s probably why I’ve managed to keep improving my distance when running.  If I WANT to do something, well, there’s very little that will stop me from getting it.  It’s my superpower mmwaahhaahhaaahhaaarrrrrr!!  So, I’m going to use my superpower for good this time.  With great power comes…….. yeah yeah……

Happy running



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