Mystery Niggles and Quiet Weeks

There’s nothing like a quiet week to refresh and refocus my training.  It’s March!  March!!!! Where is this year disappearing to?  I’ve got 2 months to get myself ready for a gruelling 50 miles in under 13 hours! Panic, panic, panic.  

Does this happen to you?  Bimbling along, following your training plan.  Not really focusing on how much time you have left till your next event because you’ve been focusing on getting kids, house, pets, things organised.  Everything but you is organised and ticked and checked and boxed.  That’s been me for the last few months.  I know where I need to be, I know which event is next, I know where the kids have to be and so on.  One minute it’s Christmas, the next it’s Easter and somehow I’ve managed to blink and miss whatever I’ve missed inbetween!! 

This is me panicking about 50 miles in May.  Why?  Its not like its unfamiliar territory.  I have managed to complete 50 miles before and that was in May 2013.  So what’s the problem?  It’s a quiet week.  That’s my problem.  Everything is organised and sorted and checked.  I’m now looking for things to organise and my brain has decided to go over everything and decided that I need to worry.  Yes, worry.  Are you ready, have you trained hard enough, what about that mystery niggle, is the knee strong enough, do you know the route, when can you get out to reccie the route, food, shoes, clothing…….. and on and on!! 

Lists help.  But that doesn’t get me out training does it.  I know I like to be prepared for the end of the world and somehow survive it but this is planning on top of planning for no obvious benefit.  

Then there’s the mystery niggle.  Walking up the stairs in the office and my left knee if feeling a bit weak.  Hmmm.  Posture isn’t that good lately.  Maybe I need to work on that a bit more.  Ankles, must remember ankles………. 

Throughout the day I’m reassessing myself and how fit and capable I am to complete big distances.  It’s not like it’s my first ultra and I think that’s making it worse.  I know what’s to come.  I know how much effort is involved.  I know how strong I need to be and I keep pushing myself to get stronger than that to make sure it feels easier.  

I ran a lovely easy 14 miles on Sunday with my new Raidlight Olmo running pack.  I had fun.  I am going to focus on core strength and balance over the next few weeks.  I will recheck what I need to carry in my pack for the 50 in May.  I will enjoy the Oakley 20 next Sunday.  Most of all I am going to chill the hell out. 

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