A Week of Rest 3rd to 8th March 2014

Every now and then I get those weeks where I just can’t bring myself to do any training whatsoever.  I get really melancholy and down on myself because I’m not out running or working on core strength by tying myself in knots on the lounge floor.  Last week was just aweful.  After the Silverstone Half Marathon I was wiped out and my left knee went back to feeling weak as a kitten.  It hadn’t felt like that since I twisted it last year running part of the Lakeland 50 route to Coniston.

The only exercise I got round to was some sprint training the day before the MK Half with some very inspiring ladies who are taking on the challenge of going from 5k to 10k.  So if they could get out and push themselves, so could I.  After the sprint training I got out the massage cushion and it worked on my tight muscles around my weak knee.

Whilst the massage cushion was working I starting thinking about how those muscles had gotten to tight.  It was obvious, I wasn’t looking after myself.  I was ignoring general care for myself and expecting my body to keep going until it dropped.  No wonder my knee was complaining.  Sigh.  Note to self.  Listen to your body and take care of it.  Even when it appears like its trying to ambush your running mojo it’s just asking for a little care and attention.  Sigh! I spend so much time working out my whole year, working out where the kids are going to be, my husband, school holidays, travel plans to and from events, the dogs, healthy food for everyone, family time, guilt trip express!!

Keeping a blog lets me see these low moments when I feel like I’m struggling against a torrent of bad vibes and disinterest.  My low points and how I worked through them.  What brought me back out of that dark hole of despondency.  Normal insane service will resume shortly – if only!! At least I’m more aware of how I dig a hole for myself.  I know I should talk to a person about my dark innermost self but this works just as well.  Let judgement fall.

Now where the hell did my running mojo run off to?  I had it all trained and everything.  Have you seen it?  It gets all excited at the thought of a trail event of around 26 to 50 miles.  Gets a bit nervous around people but then skips around like a dancing pixie.  If you’ve seen it, send it home.

Keep on running



  1. Well your achievements keep me inspired and I hope your mojo shows itself very very soon! I am learning that i need to be kind to my body too if i want it to do all these mad things! Thank you for sharing your journey 🙂

    • Thank you 😉
      I found my mojo during the MK Half marathon. Instead of pushing myself for a good time I was out for a “fun” run. I’m starting to think that my mojo is happier when it’s not being pushed for a fast hard run. It seems to thrive on long stupid distances!! lol!!

      • Yay!! Glad it’s returned! I certainly think I’m going to prefer the longer silly distances than the shorter harder runs. I’m about to post about the Steyning Stinger race that I did last week and it was the best fun ever!

      • My husband can’t get his head around why I love the long distances so much. They’re so much fun aren’t they. I suppose he’s only looking at the miles not the sheer entertainment value of human vs nature hahaha! Can’t wait to read about your adventures 😉

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