Silverstone Half Marathon and Indoor Rock Climbing – again!

After wrecking myself last weekend I thought I’d take it easy during the week.  Easy? What is that? Do I sit around even more on my amply padded arse or find other things to do that are not running?  Do I cross train? Redecorate the house? Spend a couple hours brushing my dog Hector? – who is now way too fluffy!! What is easy?

What amuses me more is that I have picked up my kids habit of asking question after question after question.  Yes it’s a little irritating but if you don’t keep asking questions you stop learning.  Plus it’s great when my six year old son gives me that adult look of “would you please stop asking questions all the time”.  As my husband would say “childlike, not childish, childlike!!”. 

I couldn’t do much more than cultivate my padding – sit around and not do much – on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  As I said, the weekend wrecked me.  By Thursday I was feeling a bit stronger and decided that 2 hours of muscle crunching rock climbing was a good thing to do.  To begin with the session was slow, my arms felt weak and I was still aching and not feeling 100%.  As the evening progressed we took on more and more difficult routes that had us looking like wall art on a few occasions.  “Here you will see middle aged woman thrown against the wall by catapult”.  One of the climbs had me heaving for breath as I was contorting myself into a knot whilst trying to get my foot to a shoulder height notch to then inch myself up the wall.  Yes, it did look as bad as it sounded and double yes did I feel it the following day!!!

Friday I was using up holiday from work so I had the whole day to amuse myself.  I’d come home Thursday night and sent a message on Facebook that I was free as a running buddy during the day.  I couldn’t resist an offer of running 13-14 miles with The Fox (Enigma Running).  All that rest Monday to Wednesday had gone to my head.  The morning was heavy rain so I kitted up for a wet run and packed dry clothes into the car. Met up with David (The Fox) and went for a bimble.  Okay, by mile 10 I was struggling to keep up and could only manage a bimble!! I’d kept up a faster than normal me pace, running through puddles, a few diversions and for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to put in an extra mile with hills at the peace pagoda at Willen Lake.  Why? I have no idea why.  It would have been so much easier without that extra mile added! Me!! Adding hills on purpose!! I can only surmise that I was completely bonkers at that point. Sheesh!! In the end we managed 12.5 miles and even though the last mile or two was super tough for me it was a pretty good pace for slow me. 

Saturday was spent brushing Hector and generally being lazy.  Or can I count Saturday as recovering from an exhausting 2 days of 2 hours of full on exercise?  I’m going with lazy.  I could do better.  Plus brushing the dog is tiring but I don’t break out into a sweat doing it haha!! 

Sunday – Silverstone Marathon.  The morning was so nice.  Blue skies on the horizon, high cloud, light winds.  It would have been a great day if it stayed like that.  I was collected by Mark McLoughlin and joined by Michelle and Gordon from the LFR club.  All of us looking forward to Silverstone but not looking forward to the weather.  The blue skies had disappeared by the time we got there and I definitely had not brought enough layers.  I was worrying like crazy at how cold I was going to be in my capri bottoms, a vest and a solamon compression top.  I’m glad I brought my gloves and buff though.  They added just a little bit more protection against the biting cold wind and drizzle at the start.  Some good lucks to Michelle, Gordon and Mark and we were waiting to go at the start.  The wheelchair participants are set off and we all start moving towards the start.  I’m not sure if it was nerves or the dancing along to the music being played but I was feeling much warmer now.  2 minutes after the start I get to pass over the start line and start running at a slow pace.  I’m in no rush, I’m not after a good time, I’m here to enjoy myself and get back into some distance running.  By mile 2 that’s completely changed and I’m targeting people to keep up with!!!!! Who the hell gave that order? When did I decide that? I was out to enjoy myself! Shut up and just pass that guy in the yellow top.  You can take him, he’s slowing down on the hill, yes, that’s it.  Just a little bit faster.  A bit more.  There you go, you did it!! Now find the next victim and pass them, PASS THEM ALL!!!!!! But I didn’t bring enough energy drink.  Don’t worry about that.  You can do it.  But it’s cold.  Go faster and you’ll get warmer!! Faster, FASTER!! By mile 5 I was pushing myself to the limit and chasing a couple guys – one in a blue stripy top and another with a prostate cancer support top on.  My running id had kicked in and wanted me to just pass them, at all costs!! I was along for a tough ride but thoroughly enjoying how strong I felt.  I wasn’t majorly out of breath, my legs didn’t feel weak or achy and even though I was running at my limit I felt good.  I was amazed that I caught up with Gordon, doubly amazed that I caught up with Michelle – but Michell was struggling with an injury at that point.  Mile 10 wizzed past.  I started to feel myself slow down.  Running id was screaming at me to keep up the pace.  It’s 5k, come on, 5k.  You can do that in 25 minutes.  I’ll shut up and let you walk but only if you keep pushing.  Move move move move MOVE!!! Back onto the circuit where we all started and against the wind to begin with.  Mile 11 – I’m knackered, I’m not going to win anything pushing this hard.  Doesn’t matter, I want the finish, PICK UP THOSE LEGS AND MOVE!!!! Mile 12 – my legs are starting to burn, my feet are feeling sore.  So get to the finish faster, FASTER!!! I can see the finish, I’m nearly there, have I got enough? YES, GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOOOOOOO!!! 2hrs 5mins – 4 minutes faster than my attempt at the same course last year.  I felt good afterwards and didn’t feel tired for the rest of the evening.  Could I have gone faster if I had rested on Friday instead of running 12.5 miles? I don’t know but I’m a little bit more confident of myself now.  I just need to keep that in mind next weekend when I tackle Milton Keynes Half marathon.  Wonder if running id will take over again? 

Happy running



    • That last mile is just gruelling! MK Half is just as mean on the last half mile. Yet still I strangely enjoy the challenge and keep coming back for more. Hmmmmm

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