Rock Climbing = Core Strength Training

A suggestion made for a Christmas present turned into reality. My thinking was that it would build up my core strength whilst keeping my brain from getting bored of seeing the same piece of carpet or concrete whilst trying to hold onto that certain pose that makes you look broken to onlookers.

I’m currently taking part in a beginners course of four lessons of two hours each on Thursday evenings.

After my first lesson I can definitely report that it does indeed require those core muscles to be working.  My torso felt like I was wearing lead weights on my elbows and I felt utterly drained from Friday through to Monday.  It took so much out of me that I completely slept through my early alarm to get up for my first marathon of the year on the Saturday – Enigma Winter Marathon.  I was initially gutted but then saw the weather for the day – rain, rain, more rain and just a little bit of rain on the side and to make things interesting here’s some high winds for desert.  I’m still gutted I missed it though.

Lesson two was just a gruelling. I’m no good with heights, it’s ridiculous.  Picture the scene – me hanging onto an artificial climbing wall with all the strength I can muster.  Holding the plank position is nothing compared to that.  My fingers, arms, chest, stomach, knees, ankles and calves are all screaming at me to relax and let go whilst the rest of me is screaming at those muscles to just damned well hang on because it will hurt a lot more dropping off the wall.  I wasn’t out of breath at the end of the lesson but I had worked a lot of muscles that were used to a completely different regime of exercise.

It was amazing to see people hanging on with just their hands or climbing up walls with very few hand holds or even crawling up the wall in seconds as though it was no effort whatsoever!  I felt like I’d gone right back to the beginning all over again.  My first attempts at running felt just like this.  I saw all those other runners making this running lark look so breathtakingly easy and there was me struggling to even run a mile.  I’m completely confident this will keep me very entertained and occupied indeed and all those core muscles will just have to wake up and start working.  There’s a super lean athlete under all this padding and it’s just screaming to be let out.  All I have to do is get this lazy soft arse out of the door more often and stop eating cakes when I haven’t run for them.

To make things interesting I decided on a different form of new year resolution.  I’m going to give up or do something extra to help get this super lean athlete out of this soft shell each month.  January is no biscuits allowed.  I love biscuits.  Cookies, rich tea, gingernuts, jaffa cakes – yummy morsels of evil.  I’ve not thought of what I can do for February – any suggestions welcome.

Keep moving forward – even when you feel like you’re going nowhere just keep moving.  Eventually you’ll see the route you’ve travelled and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.

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