2013 18 mile Marathon Training Run

Was it going to rain? Was it going to snow? Was it going to be cold? Was it going to be windy?

Three out of four expectations happened on this training run. Cold, Rain and Snow!

I was part of a group of three ladies today. My second attempt at long distance in one go. I’d managed long runs of over 20 miles now but all of those had been with a break half way. Even those runs were tough though.

Today was a marathon training run for Milton Keynes Marathon in May. We should be able to run at least this distance by now if we’re considering running the marathon and boy was the weather going to make sure it was a day to remember.

I’m glad I took my cheap n cheerful waterproof poncho. By the time we were all coming home on the second lap we were cold and soaked but the poncho’s had kept us from feeling drowned and frozen in today’s weather.

Some lesson’s learnt today.

When you need a pee – go for a pee!! Find somewhere and go rather than waiting. Even though it gave me one hell of a boost to get back to the finish on the last mile I was feeling queasy from that experience.

Cold and wet will slow you down – It was a bit demoralising to keep running through the pain of all those poor muscles being forced to work when cold. Running when hot is just as exhausting though. Such fickle creatures we are.

To dodge or not to doge? – Puddles. We started by dodging as many puddles as possible to avoid getting wet soggy trainers. By the end of the run we were splashing through those same puddles we’d dodged earlier to get back to the finish sooner. Is there a better way of doing this puddle dodging business? Or should we just get drenched at the beginning and keep running wet? Tough one.

Fuel – I’ve finally found a fuel that works for me. I’ve been experimenting with timings on when to take them and I think I’ve found a good technique now. I’ve tried a number of different fuels from High5 to Glu to protein bars and so on. Some worked for short runs but longer make me feel queasy. It’s worth the experimentation to find something that works.

Lastly – Running with friends will keep you moving even though you want to stop and call a taxi to the finish. Even when they run of on the last mile to get to the toilet because they need a pee!

Keep on running. Even when it’s cold and wet.

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