Zombie Evacuation 5k – Must Train Harder

What possessed me to pay someone to scare me stupid whilst trying to run 5 kilometers?

Saturday 27th October 2012 was bitterly cold. The place was Bassingbourn, Royston. The Zombies had taken over Bassingbourn barracks and I was one the many who thought we could run an easy cross country 5k through zombie infested woodland with ease.

All you had to do was dodge them right?

Sounds so simple!

I was covered head to foot – cross country through woodland, I was not going to avoid getting stung by nettles when there’s zombies around! I had my trail shoes on for extra grip in case I needed to get a sprint on in muddy conditions. I had two pairs of gloves on – running through woodland, you don’t want to be fussing over a splinter with zombies after your brains, do you?

I was nervous. I was ready to dodge zombies (so I thought!). The army personnel gathered us runners for a quick briefing about what to expect and what would happen if we took on a zombie, if we lost our lives to the zombies and to keep away from the zombies at all costs or we would be eaten alive or shot! Best pre race briefing ever!

The gates open and they tell us to run. Then I hear screaming up ahead. The first ambush zombie has already caught a few lives. It’s like watching a nature program with the graceful antelope dancing away from the jaws and claws of death. Only this time it was a zombie and runners. I was laughing then squealing and jumping out of the way just like the runners before me.

It wasn’t over. A brief jog along the edge of a field brought us to the first wooded section. As we’re all approaching you can hear the screams of the runners ahead. This time we’re all in single file and have little option but to run headlong at the zombie and dodge at the last minute. My heart is racing before it even gets to my turn. I’m looking around for a different route and just before the zombie reaches for me I run headlong into the brush and come out onto another path and straight into the path of another zombie!!!! Scream, duck, dodge, sprint…… did I lose a life? Phew, no I didn’t. Wow! I know they’re fake but the adrenaline has taken over all sense of self control and it’s hilariously scary now.

That was the first zombie ambush. The rest of the zombie infested parts of the race will have to be experienced yourself. I could write a book on the 5k a ran but it would be far more fun if you tried it yourself next year.

So how fast did I cover 5k of zombie infested countryside? 50 minutes!!
Did I survive? Yes, with one life left and it was well earnt.

The scariest part of the race was the zombie clown! Yes, there was a zombie clown and it scared the hell out of me. I squealed when I got to this guy. I squealed like a girl!!!

I would recommend this race to anyone who’s willing to have a go at an interesting 5k as long as they don’t have a heart condition and they’re not scared of clowns!

Roll on next weekend for a peaceful 13.1 miles without being scared silly whilst running it.


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