Recovering Slowly – so far so good

It’s been nearly 7 weeks since I fell and gave myself a badly sprained ankle and without knowing it until later, pelvic dysfunction syndrome.

I thought I’d only given myself a bad sprain at the time. I did stop and check when it happened, I kept my pace slow and even afterwards but what I didn’t notice was the hidden shock I’d given my hip. Not the femur head joint in my hip. The big thing. Plus, it was weeks later that the injury was finally found. I had been having pain in my knee, pain in my back, pain in the but! and lastly the clue to it all – pain at the very front of the hip called the pubis symphasis.

The worst bit, is that I’ve had so many different exercises suggested to help the pain without any of them working. I now have a few exercises that have me tied up in knots on the floor but WOW what a difference.

I still have pain on one side of my hip and it feels like I’m walking at a funny angle but as soon as I start to jog or run everything works perfectly and there’s no pain at all. I’ve been for a short quick run and no pain. I’ve been for a good long 10 mile run and I felt tired but still no pain whilst running.

One unfortunate casualty to all of this is cycling. It’s more than a pain in the ass to sit on the saddle of my bicycles and I’m searching for a solution to that one. Until then, running is back on the cards for me and after having a forced 7 week rest from running I’m more than eager to get back into it.

Notes to remember when you take a tumble whilst running –

STOP – Always stop and check to see what damage has been done. You wont always feel immediate pain from a severe injury. Sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes for the pain to kick in. If you see something out of place or feel something out of place. Stop and call for help. Running with an injury will only delay any healing time. Says the very person who did exactly that!!

REST – If you’ve taken a tumble, checked yourself over for injuries and you find yourself feeling really hyped or jittery or nervous. Rest. Sit down, take a look at the scenery and chill out for a little while. Have a snack, take a sip on that water you’ve been carrying. Give yourself the time to analyse your tumble and come to terms with it. In the meantime you’ll give your body time to recover from the shock and you’ll feel so much better when you get back on your feet and carry on running.

STRETCH – After your rest, give yourself a few stretches to test for any injuries you didn’t notice when you stopped. This is when you’ll find that hidden injury. Be careful with these stretches, they’re only supposed to remind your body of how tight your ligaments are after resting. You’re not trying to stretch those ligaments so you can do ballet or the splits in the next few seconds. Remember that your body is already warm and ready to run, reminding you body that you have tight muscles that need relaxing is a great idea.

IF INJURED – STOP AND CALL FOR HELP – This is when that mobile phone will come in handy. Give your husband/wife/friend a call and give them a good story to listen to on the journey home. Plus if you tell a good tale and they’re laughing at your misfortune then they’re more likely to turn up at your next rescue call for more entertainment.

So here I am. Thanking the universe for my husband who came to my rescue and laughed at my misfortune but I know if I call on him at any time of day to come rescue me, he will always be there for me.

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