Longer route version 2

After the rather successful long run Tuesday I thought I would plot a slightly longer run today. Plus I was kitted out for heavy rain which never appeared??

This route is a keeper, a nice 1k warm up on a slight downhill followed by 2k constant uphill, some bits quite steep. The hills don’t stop there though, after you reach the top it’s then up and down for another 2k then you get a gradual downhill for 3k. To finish of a rather flat 4-5k with a couple little hills to climb. 12.5k in 1hr 33mins. I felt very good too. No sore knees, my feet felt good and even now, ready for bed I feel good about the run.

I’m amazed I’ve kicked out this much mileage this week. Even with the drenching I got last week! Even better is my pace, it seems to be improving each time I’m out running. Struggling to get below 8mins per kilometre just a month ago, I’m now 7.2 mins per kilometre.

The core muscle workouts every morning seem to be helping much more than I expected. They’re only 30 mins worth but the benefits I’m reaping from them are awesome. No knee pain, no back pain, easier breathing – rather surprising what’s happening.

Next run will be the Flitwick 10k. Fingers crossed my time will be much better than last year!


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