Trying out a long route

You know how far you want to run but you’re not sure how long it’s going to take you – so what do you do?

I wanted to manage a longer than 10k route to help with half marathon training. So I thought a good run thats over 12k should do it. I took my average pace over my last few training runs and worked out long it would take to run 12k. It was about one hour twenty minutes.

How did it go?

So there I was again, last week I was unprepared for the rain, this week I was kitted up for it. Just before leaving work the weather was appalling! Heavy rain, high winds and one very dark sky. But, as I left the car and headed out on my selected route the sun came out and it was lovely all the way up to 1k left to run, that’s when the heavens opened and tried to drench me yet again!

The route I took was mainly uphill from the start for at least 5k then headed back towards where I started from with occasional downhill & uphill sessions. By 10k I was feeling very chuffed with myself. My feet were a little sore, my left knee was only just starting to niggle but otherwise I felt like I could carry on for another loop. Good thing the kids needed picking up and deffo good thing I got rained on at the finish or I would have been very tempted!

So how did I do? 11.6k in 1hr 26mins. Not to shabby for a relaxed run, I wasn’t pushing for speed, just the hills and mileage was important to me and I was very close to my estimate for 12k.

Rest day tomorrow, although…… This is one of those – don’t push yourself to hard to soon moments, isn’t it?


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