To much to soon – overdoing it!

I’ve been out and run again this evening. Tonight it was my clubs handicap race, came in 2nd from last but boy did I feel good pushing myself.

Afterwards I felt so good I took a gentle jog home the long way round. My feet feel a little punished for the extra mileage this week and then it hits me. I’ve gone from hardly any mileage each week to over 20k from Sunday, no wonder my feet are feeling a little over used.

So do I pull back a little and let the recovery take hold or is that another excuse not to run? My running mojo is working well this week and I’m even contemplating signing up for a half marathon in June. A couple weeks ago that would have been a total nono!

What’s happening here? What am I scared of?
Overdoing it
Home/kids/husband balance

Am I making excuses to fail yet again before my body has even hinted that it can’t cope?

Questions, questions….

Well. I’m not a fast runner. I’m not even in the middle pack when I enter these races. So what if I get the chance to do lots of runs this week. I feel good.

Okay so after hashing it out on this blog it’s a fear thing, an excuse thing that’s saying I will fail if I push to hard. So what do I do about it?

Plan 1 – ease back a little. Sign up for a half marathon and make sure I keep my core muscles in check to prevent injury.

Plan 2 – ease back a little. Don’t sign up for the marathon yet!

Plan 3 – keep going while I can, it’s not going to last so get those miles in now now now….. Hmmm a bit over the top eh!

Plan 1 to begin with. I don’t have to run the half marathon if I’m not up to it at the time of the race. Yeah, that feels good.


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