Weather – should it stop me?

So there I was this morning. Do I, don’t I. I want to but it’s going to rain. Yuck!! I pack my running kit anyway and head of to work in the slim hope that it doesn’t rain.

All through the morning, lovely weather. Up to 4pm, lovely weather. I get changed into my running gear at 4pm to go for a run before picking up my son, it rains!!!! Argh!

Do I wus out and keep warm? No! This time I’m going to brave the weather. It’s not a good enough excuse and I’m full of excuses on why I can’t do things. It took a good five minutes arguing with myself in the car why I should just get if my but and run! Run so fast I stay warm!

Well I did it. 6.2k in 43 mins. Not a bad pace either. Rain, p’ah! It’s no excuse. Brrrrrrrr – must get a waterproof running coat tho, hahahaha!


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