Brill Hilly 10k

A gloriously sunny but cool day, perfect running weather – for me at least. I felt good, I was eager to run and nerves about failure or the hills that I hate hadn’t dampened my spirits at all.

The shock of the starting pistol was funny. The jump of adrenalin made me lose my pace at first along with the incredibly steep downhill start. 6k later and I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I managed a good easy pace. The first of the hill climbs start and I take them in my stride. The last hill just after 8k is the same steep hill at the start. I gave up jogging for a good strong deep stride uphill. At the top the course flattened out for the last 1k to the finish at 69.3 minutes. I was shocked as my last hilly race at Dunstable downs took 80+ minutes!! I was one of the few at the back of the race to finish but that’s still a personal best for me.

No run tonight, no cycling tonight. I still did my core muscle workout this morning though. tomorrow – appointment booked!! I run around a lake, rain or shine. I must be harder on myself if I want to improve more, but I’ve got to keep it manageable because I’ll lose interest again and distract myself with other jobs.


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