When you want to run but shouldn’t

Tough call isn’t it. You want to get out there. Just a mild jog, it’ll be fine. But sometimes you need to give those poor knees and feet a rest. What do you do?

Two suggestions I’ve been given are swimming and cycling.

Swimming – okay if you live near a pool. If you do it’s great for improving stamina and balancing out your muscles. It’s a full body workout (if you do it right!) and there’s no shock or stress to your knees, feet, back. Cheap stress relief too. All you’ll need is basic swimming gear and a sensible swimming style. If your style is rusty it’s a good idea to get some lessons.

Cycling – an expensive sport compared to running I hear you say. So get an old bike, one that fits and works. It’s there for a workout not necessarily road racing (yet!). Find a few hills and have a go at getting that bicycle up them. Tough to begin with. Although there’s no shock to the knees they’re still getting a tough workout. Same with you feet and back. Better yet the cardiovascular workout is just as good as a good run if you’re able to push yourself enough.

So, there I was. I’m itching for a run. Husband is saying “go for it, we’ll be fine” but I have a tough 10k run tomorrow. Dang it!! I want to go but I know it will affect me for tomorrow. Argh! Aha! Bike!

Yes, I did. An easy paced bicycle ride for 12k up a few tough hills but not to much effort. Extra iron twice a week is definitely being felt.

Now I’m happily chilled enough to wait for tomorrow.

Roll on Brill Hill 10k. Hills, hmmm, I’ll get there one day, I still don’t like them at the moment.


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