Intro – March 2012

So here goes.  I’m at it again.  Trying out something new to keep me motivated.

A bit of history to begin with I think.

I used to run/cycle everywhere at around 15 up to 21 years of age.  After years of sitting on my arse, looking at those people in there ever increasing skimpiness outfits, I finally decided to join the middle age road running peeps in 2009.  After a few set backs (gal bladder, asthma, back pain, incorrect running style injuries and finally anaemia) I’ve not given up.  I feel fitter every time I enter a race and even tho I’m still at the back with the newbies and stubborn determined folk, I believe I will get faster.  One day!!

So.  Why the blog?

If I have to update this thing.  Keep it alive by recording my progress.  Then at least my poor, poor husband will have a break from me planning, plotting or devising some other way to get me training better whilst juggling life, the universe and feeding the animals!

Why is it so hard to keep motivated?

My kids – I love spending time with them.  I don’t want to miss moments with them.  Playing in the garden.  Going for walks.  General stuff that when they’re older will be very very sweet memories.

My husband – He’s lovely, snuggly and wants to spend time with me.  Lucky?  Oh hell yes!!  I really don’t want to leave him with the kids and miss out on that general stuff that usually happens.  It’s not a control thing.  It’s a feeling missed out thing.

Pets n housework – Well.  I don’t have the tidiest of houses.  My husband will undoubtedly agree!  So lets just say that gets in the way as well.

So.  When should I go out and run?  Is paying a babysitter £30 a time for a run worth it?  Sigh!  I should go back to school and book myself into a “Time Management” course!

Well.  Thanks for reading.  Hope someone out there in the world wide wilderness enjoys this blog.


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